Bye Bye 23, Oh hello 24! #HappyBirthdayToMe

Hiiiiiii my angels ❤

It’s been forever since I posted a personal blog just casually, randomly talking to you guys about how I feel , what my life is offering me right now both personally and professionally, what plans I have for my 24th year on this planet, which has OFFICIALLY NOW BEGUN!

Wow, it feels so exhilarating truly!

To begin with, I would like to thank each one of you for SO many lovely birthday wishes ❤ Thankyou, I love you guys!

My birthday this year was very different than what it has been the past few years for a lot of personal reasons. I always feel bitter sweet turning a year older haha. Is this something weird or does it happen to you too? Like I am never completely happy-happy! It’s always mixed with the regret of growing older. Hmmm

Anyway! Now, my snapchat fam knows this pretttaaay well and I’d like to scream a shoutout here as well: I GENUINELY  have the best best friends!

The  clock didn’t even turn 12:00 am, and I had my two best friends right at my door step with a cake, some pastries and beer and a glittery celebratory hat! I am a strong believer of celebrating occasions like bdays and valentines and so on not for materialistic reasons and yes I know, everyday should be a celebration, but because I feel like we are so busy trying to get our careers straight and dealing with “The Tough Life” on a daily basis that we should always cease the opportunity that these occasions (that come only once a year!) give us to show the people we love how much we truly love them ! ❤

This is one reason no matter who I have an argument with , or no matter whether something is right or wrong, I always try to  make amends , call all my friends : closest, nice and those who are no longer a part of my life, and just generally spread happiness and positivism on my bday.

It was the morning of 2nd august, My official 24th year of this wonderful life that I have had so far( So so blessed !) , when my eyes opened to a beautiful bouquet by one of my closest friends! I snapchatted everything so I guess some of you already know haha!

I really wanted to spend a relaxed afternoon just casually laughing and talking over some yummy food and Sangria while enjoying a breath taking view with my closest people!




And that’s what I did on my bday afternoon when we went to The Waterfront, Lodhi.



Earrings: Bangkok,pendant: Swarovski
Croptop :Forever21 , Skirt: tailor made , heels: soulier carte


This pre planned brunch was made sweeter with a surprise perfectly pulled off by my #squad when they decorated the entire inside of the car with balloons and chocolates!





As soon as we got home, we dedicated ourselves to setting up everything for my Hawaiian themed party! ( Who all saw the custom drink glasses on my snapchat? :-p )  While we were at it, this arrived at my doorstep!!!


Enjoy the pictures fam and let me know how you like it ! ❤

Birthday outfit details- Dress : Cilory , heels: soulier carte









More love and power to you each day ❤






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