Natural and Organic beauty Products |Best skin care products in India ft. Natural Bath & Body

There is no denying that a good skin care routine goes a long long way in making every woman feel beautiful and healthy inside out! Age , pollution , exposure to sun etc makes our skin rough , patchy , uneven toned , pigmented and dry over time! Therefore, knowing the best beauty products is always going to come handy!


Every girl dreams of a healthy , glowing , makeup free skin and today I will tell you how to achieve just that! It’s okay if your skin doesn’t feel good about itself right now, we can always start today and make it as confident as beyonce! What’s utmost important here is to remember that there are a lot of skin care products out there, but majority of them are heavy on artificial, chemical ingredients and hence they worsen the skin (body and face ) instead of improving it.


I did some research on where to buy natural and organic skin care products and found a very promising , undoubtedly one of the best beauty brands here in India : Natural Bath & Body


They formulate unique personal care solutions that capture the raw benefits of nature’s essential oils and botanical extracts through a fluid synergy of Ayurvedic knowledge, creative artistry and contemporary technology.

The products are packed with rich concentrations of active natural and organic ingredients that protect, nourish, balance and, most importantly, respect your body. The use of exotic ingredients such as red clay, juniper berry with dead sea salt, charcoal with lime and other such unique combinations distinguishes the brand from others. Superior hygiene and quality standards mark their production and packaging process, to create products that are proudly free of parabens, sulfates, harmful colorants, preservatives, fragrances, and other abrasive cosmetic chemicals.

They have a wide organic body care range that includes bathing bars, body washes , body polishers, body mists, after bath oils, after bath milks, body butter , hand and foot creams etc.

They have expert face care products that include face washes, face scrubs, face moisturizer, face packs and natural lip balms. My favorite of them all is the advanced under eye treatment.


I have been using their skin care products for some time now and my skin feels so happy



Here is my skin care routine:

Step 1. Body polish using Mango Mandarin Cane Sugar Body Scrub

Loaded with high levels of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins, mango butter keeps the skin hydrated and promotes cell regeneration. Powdered sugar cane further enhanced by cold pressed almond oil makes this zesty scrub an excellent exfoliant that vigorously promotes cell turnover to reveal fresher, glowing skin. This lets the skin soak up the essential oils and natural extracts leaving it feeling silkier, smoother and softer than ever.


Moisten skin. Scoop out scrub to apply liberally on the entire body. Scrub in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes, moistening the skin in between to keep the scrubbing smooth. Rinse off well with Luke warm water. Use regularly for clean glowing skin.



Step 2. Body cleansing with nature made, hand sliced lemon bathing bars

This luxuriously raw and creamy bathing bar is made of all- natural ingredients and sliced by hand. The melange of shea butter and oils of olive, sweet almond, coconut and lemon has exceptional moisturising properties that maintains the skin’s delicate balance, while the fresh mint leaves soothe the senses.

It’s perfect for use in all  the sensitive skin areas of your body.


Step 3. Body moisturizing using Moroccan and Argan after bath oils

This after bath oil is expressly concocted using argan oil blended into the light base of vegetable oils. Often referred to as “liquid gold”, argan oil is derived from nuts found within the fruit of argan trees. This wonder oil is packed with vitamin e, essential fatty acid and antioxidants that naturally provides relief from dry skin and boost the skin’s health and hydration. Infused with sensuous morrocan rose, this remarkably non-sticky and quick absorbing after-bath oil covers you in its exotic and soothing aroma.


Apply liberally all over the body and massage till absorbed after a hot shower.Use regularly.

Following this simple,easy on the pocket and natural 3 step procedure has proved highly effective for my skin!




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I hope you guys found this post useful! If you did , do not forget to hit like and leave your queries below!


Niki ❤

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