How to channel your inner Boho| Bohemian dressing tips ft. Krafted With Happiness


                         (n.) Gypsy. Wanderer.

     A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free spirited life and believes in                truth, freedom and love.

free spirited, bold, fearless , happy and most importantly highly charming: That’s the kind of life we all aim to live and the fact that we can imbibe this mantra in our personal style too makes it even more special.


Gone are the days when one had to dress up in a “certain way” to please the highly opinionated public eye. This is the era of breaking rules in fashion and in your life, doing your own thing, living each day to the fullest and adding a whole lot of pop, color and quirk to your job, your personal life and most importantly your outfits. This is the era of the bohemian chic.

Hi there! ❤

For quite some time now, bohemian style has been grabbing eyeballs. And I am not surprised! It has everything it takes for a trend to go viral- Florals, maxis, pompoms, color, carefully crafted footwear , quirky yet super easy breezy outfits-carefree, comfort and style, it gives you all one could ask for.


If you have landed yourself in this post, clearly you are obsessed with this style too, and I am going to give you some styling /dressing inspiration on how to be a boho girl! 

1.Quirky ear

Statement earrings make everything look attractive. But you know what’s better? Rare, fun and quirky statement earrings. They can make even a dull outfit so much more interesting!





2.  Pom -poms

Do colorful things make your soul happy? Do you like pops of color in neutral outfits? Yes and yes? Pom poms are to swear by.

You can add this scarf to your bag, or wear it over a plain black/ white tank to add color to your basics.




3. Traditional Indian karigiri 

It’s impossible to talk about Bohemian style and not get inspired by our very own indian culture.

Intricately crafted bags and kolhapuris with subtle mirror patches can be paired with  your basic tee and jeans / little black dress to add tons and tons of quirk and boho to your look! 



They also beautifully complement maxis , like the floral one I am wearing.




Being boho means being you.  Bohemian chic is true to herself and like her I believe in everything I wore while writing this post for you. All the items are from Krafted With Happiness , a label true to its name delivering rare, quirky and never seen before products to spread color and happiness in your outfits.

They are my go to for any and everything bohemian, providing items that have a flavor of  authentic traditional Indian roots.

Life is too short. Let’s not be boring : in our lives and with our style.



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