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” Hi! Welcome to my blog space.

This blog is my little baby that I feel deeply passionate about. From experiences as simple as enjoying a pleasant breeze to more cliched things like music, from more mainstream mediums like pinterest to traditional ones like learning from someone’s life stories, I get inspired easily by things around me and like to document  the ones I love! Explore this space and I am sure you’ll find some great content that you                                                                                    can connect with!”

                                                                                                                                               -Niki xx



On this website , through her descriptive and unique style of documentation,  the author takes you through all the things she feels immense love for:

  • Fashion: Be prepared to find a lot of outfit inspirations, some modern ,some where she goes back to her Indian roots and others where she brings in a DIY- mixmatched style showcasing her interesting take on how to be trendy.


  • Beauty: Every girl’s staple, the author talks about her favorite and most trust worthy beauty and skin care products.


  • Travel: If there is one place she would like to pick, Nikimehra would choose the world! Travel is certainly her first love, and you will be able to make that out through her poetic yet descriptive take on her travel stories.


  • Lifestyle: The author talks about some day-to-day life apps that are sure to come handy, home decor,life hacks and more.

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VIGM9468aNiki Mehra is a self confessed Delhi girl, born and brought up in the capital. She’s well read and music savvy,ambitious and truly stylish. That would explain her tens of thousands of followers on instagram making her one of the top Indian fashion and beauty bloggers.

As young as a mere one month old blog, Niki Mehra won the Swarovski Style your way to Paris contest in association with popxo.com competing against bloggers from all over India and was chosen to be the official Indian fashion                                                                                      blogger for Swarovski for 6 months , 2015.

She has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan India and has a two page spread in Grazia India.She has also been featured in a lot of digital publications online.

She joined the renowned  popxo blogger network in 2016.

Over the past year, Nikimehra has had the chance to work with the top brands of the nation and world alike.




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  1. pretty nice of you to create a story through the fashion blog, especially enjoyed the SAU locations, as i click random shots around, these spots myself.


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