Where to find one of the best and most reasonable Indian designers | Indian designer wear | Western Designer dresses

If you are here already, this either means that you have been on the lookout for an Indian designer to help you with ethnic or western dresses and gowns  for an upcoming occasion or that you are a sweetheart and a part of NMFam and go through my blog regularly. Either which way, You are at the right place , I love you and this post will most definitely prove super useful!


Hi there! ❤

Off late I feel like I haven’t really spoken to you guys, at least not here. SO SO many things are going on in my life right now, that whenever I sit down to write a post, in order to not be distracted by the chaos, I tend to put  everything aside and just talk about work. But the reason for my random blabber that is in no way even remotely related to this post ( Really sorry to those who are in a hurry and want to get to the bottom of the post real quick , I assure you I am not like this everytime ) is that last night I heard some really inspiring , great great words from a saint who was talking about how any problem or stress- professional or personal in our lives isn’t worth it because the only truth is the universe who is up there in the chair of the director running your life movie. This thing really hit me: If you ever come across one/ a few people who did you wrong, then they are just paying you back for what you did to them in a different space, era, time..And so never hate anyone! Because then, you are in a way hating yourself for the person you once were.


Even if this helped 10 of you reading this right now, half of my job is done! And for the other half, for those on the lookout of best designer dresses : Ethnic and western, I  got you covered!  I promise , I am starting to talk about the dresses now :-p

So I recently came across a very talented designer duo for high fashion female ensemble –Neha & Kriti , really good at their  craft , catering to both the Indian designer and western designer section. AND being great at both of them! Personally for me, that’s a rare thing to come across. The label is synonymous with discrete luxury and  timeless elegance in women clothing.

Indian designer dresses and gowns | Indo-western designer dresses

They have a versatile, wide and beautiful range of ethnic wear. I can personally vouch for the amazing quality and most of all unique designs and play of colors. They are very girly to begin with and will make you look half your age ( For me that’s a big thing because a lot of times, Indian wear is so heavy , it makes even young girls look so much older!)










High end western designer dresses and gowns

Equally stunning is their western designer range. Again quality and playing with unique combinations of designs and colors is their USP. Another great thing about their clothes is amazing fitting. Beauty lies in the simplicity of things and when you see their collection , you will feel just that!











All this at really affordable prices!

Check out the pictures to get a better idea of their work! I hope you like them:*




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