How to buy high end branded products for half the price! | Luxury brands haven ft. Master Wardrobe


It feels forever since I last spoke to you guys! How are we doing today?

Well speaking on behalf of most of us, I know we are celebrating our national holiday and independence, either holidaying out of town or chilling at home so I thought this would be the perfect time to drop in this useful post.Sit back and relax boys and girls, I am just about to make your wardrobe fancy while your wallets are still full! ( Sorry credit card, you are about to grow fat, cuz of no exercising!)


So , let me begin my asking you certain questions:

  • Do you like to own high end luxuries/ branded items? Yes, I am talking about that Dior heel, and that Chanel neck piece you saw while window shopping the other day
  • Do you believe in quality? Come on, at the end of the day , isn’t quality shopping what we all crave for?
  • Do you feel like you can’t always afford the products of these high end brands because they burn a huge hole in your pocket? Lets face it, they aren’t always affordable
  • Do you feel bummed sometimes at the fact that a lot of the new collection/ designs of these high end brands aren’t available in your country?



If the answer to all these questions is a BIG YES, then this post is for you my love!

We all want to own a Michael Kors and a Versace and a Dior and  a  Gucci … the list is endless but  a lot of times our dreams don’t become reality because either the designs aren’t available in India or they are too expensive!

This is when this post will help you! I recently came across a website by the name of Master Wardrobe that claims to sell  high end brand dupes , beautifully manufactured to perfection .




The quality of these  high end luxuries is as good as original so much so that  you cannot spot the difference ! Which is why even though you can get them for half the price as compared to the original piece, it isn’t dirt cheap like the ones we keep coming across while street shopping!

Isn’t that just so relieving! You can get the satisfaction of owning a high end brand, enjoy the quality that the original product offers and yet not shell out a huge amount of money!



Find them on instagram at : masterwardrobe

on Facebook at: masterwardrobe

Some of the designs are to die for!

Scroll down below to see the look I created with their products! ❤

Happy Shopping









Location courtesy: Uptown cafe, Satya Niketan,New Delhi

Photography : Shairana Chowdhary

Disclaimer: All claims/ products are that of the brand in question. The blogger isn’t associated with or to be held liable for the same. 

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