Best liquid lipstick shades for Spring/Summer 2016 ft. LA Splash Cosmetics


Beauty  to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. Well that, or a kick -ass Lipstick!”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s words are bible, and I know like on many other occasions, You and I share a common love for this one too- Yes, I am talking about  every girl’s staple , that perfect lipstick shade!

Hello beauties! ❤

How are you all doing!

Girls and women, young and grown, we all cannot, absolutely CANNOT do without lipsticks! All of us alike, have had days, some more than others,  where we step out of the house with just a lip color on, and it helps our confidence rise by literally 3 inches.

Naturally so, having the best of the best lip colors in your makeup kit is  a blessing and an absolute necessity! Which brings me to today’s blog story.

2015 and 2016 saw matte lipsticks take over the beauty sphere faster than Daenerys stomborn is set to take over the iron throne and this trend is here to stay! LA Splash cosmetics, a premium cosmetic giant famous for everlasting liquid lipsticks has finally launched in India!!!  Yes, I was equally ecstatic with this news


Now not only do they produce the best matte lipsticks I have come across in a long long time, but for me what makes this beauty brand my current favorite is its wide range of Top summer lip colors that complement every skin tone!

My Splash Today!

A 20- something girl, I like my life and lipstick to be bright, vibrant and bold. These are my two favorite picks from their collection.

 The Elegant Dutchess

“Romance: old school, bold and fearless, Shakespearean”

Velvet matte: Romance in the shade 14602









The Vivacious Vixen

” I forbid you to look at me , but I know you are bewitched”

Lip couture: Forbidden in the shade 14205






Pros :

√ Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

√ Top lip colors for spring/ summer 2016: You can find bright, vibrant colors, neutral shades and the most trendy , unique ones this season: purple , grey , choco brown , velvet hues

√ One of the best matte liquid lipsticks. Becomes matte 2 seconds after application so you don’t have to wait for it to dry up. Even though it is matte, it does not make your lips rough .  

√ Waterproof liquid lipsticks

√ Beautiful packaging.  The lipsticks come in a beautiful , fragrant and super girly packaging.


x  A problem that we face with all matte waterproof lipsticks is their removal. However, I always recommend application of vaseline/ petroleum jelly prior to removal of any lipstick. This not only easily removes your lipstick but also leaves your lips hydrated.

How to order?

These stunning lipshades are available on . You can also exclusively order them from 

Steps to order my favorite two lipshades:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: To order Romance, click on velvet matte liquid lipsticks and choose your shade 14602 and quantity

Step 3: To order Forbidden, click on Lip couture and choose your shade 14205 and quantity.


All lipshades are priced at Rs 1390 only . If you opt for COD, here is what you’ll have to pay in total: 

 Lip shade cost         : Rs 1390

COD cost                    : Rs 75                                                


All in all, I feel these liquid lipsticks are a MUST HAVE, given how reasonable they are  and especially if you want to get that perfect irresistible pout 😉 

Until Next Time



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