Best things to do when you are in Hong kong-Macau

imageGooooood morning y’all! Well, even though technically 2:25am is morning, I am half awake, but 100% ecstatic because after 15 days of procrastination, I am finally penning down my HK-macau travel story.

I feel like the most challenging posts are travel ones, because atleast for me travel is serious business. So when I am set to plan a vacation and I need first hand reliable information about the place I plan to visit, such posts come really handy.

Which is why I wanted this one to be as informative and perfect as possible  with tons of pictures( This random ranting is absolutely not me giving excuses for my laziness , nah nah, duh! jeez.. OKAY I am sorry because I know this was supposed to go up tonight but y’all will be able to see it only tomorrow!)

Anyway, So a lot lot of you followed my HK-Macau travel on snapchat and Instagram and I received a loootttt of positive feedback on snapchat because the landscapes were B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. So I thought, I’ll show you guys what my trip was all about in detail!

Normally my travel posts are all about what I wore on day 1 , day 2 , a gorgeous scenery instagram upload and tada! But this time around, I thought I should write an actual travel blog for y’all because surprisingly a lot of people go to HK! 🙂

How is this post different? Well because when I was researching on “Things to do while in HK-Macau” , 100s of quintessential heavy touristy articles popped up and to be honest most of them were really cliched talking about tourist hubs that every travel agent recommends.

Luckily for us, we had a friend living in HK who obviously knew the best local places to be at, very different from the now- over crowded and yeah, over rated tourist places. So shall we get started?

And yes, I am not going to disappoint you and throw in little outfit of the day pictures here and there ( and by that I mean a lot)

Day 1

As on all my vacations, we took an early morning flight to HK to make most of the day.


AIRPORT LOOK BREAKDOWN- Dress: evoguestore on instagram; shoes:Primark; Eyewear:


The city is divided into two parts: the Kowloon peninsula, which is full of amazing tourist hotels and the Hong Kong island which is the central, administrative , business hub. We obviously stayed in kowloon, which offers a beautiful view of the harbour and the HK skyline.

HK airport strip is the BEST one I have seen so far!

Most of the hotels have a check in at 2 pm , after which we headed to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. A cable car takes you all the way to the Ngong Ping village, which is basically a cosy, vintagy long street with cute little eateries on both sides leading all the way to the Big Buddha. The view from the cable car was spectacular, and so was the view after climbing close to 300 steps of the Buddha statue. The whole area is breezy and super pretty.



What I wore: Boyfriend jeans, White tee from sarojini nagar; shoes: streetstylestore ; eyewear: screamingnayan
This ice candy in Ngong Ping village was everything!







To be honest, my family thought we could skip the place because they get bored of scenic places pretty fast but I personally loved it!

People say you must visit victoria peak through a tram to get a view of the skyline. We followed the google articles religiously as we headed to VP right after lantau. However you must be careful to not visit the same post 8pm because Hong Kong is  a pretty cloudy region so the fog forbids any view post that. I read a very useful article which talked about enjoying the view of the skyline without having to shell out a lot of HKD. And it recommended taking a cab, instead of a tram to Victoria peak and going to the 4 th floor( I think?) of IFC mall with a takeout from Mcdonalds on the 2nd floor! Haha! Rational I must admit.

We were obviously too tired and too hungry after all the exertion so we headed to Tsim Tsa shui street for dinner. Personally I feel that  If you are going to HK on a short trip then you can afford to skip these touristy places but you MUST hit the streets because they give you a real flavour of the city. Tsim Tsa shui is the most famous and definitely the most lively street of all in HK. There are a lot of shopping options and some amazing places to eat. We chose an Indian restaurant because , well the disadvantages of having a vegetarian mommy. Sigh.


Day 2

No vacay is complete without a little adventure, for which we headed to Ocean park on day2. To be honest, My family and I have hardly found any adventure park  daring enough post our visit to Thorpe Park ,london which is why barring a ride or two, Ocean park was mostly about beautiful landscapes and animal museums.








You can totally skip it if you are on a tight schedule. Now this was our big discovery in HK! Our friend told us to visit LKV ( Lan Kwai Fong) street in Soho that night after an amazing Thai dinner in Elements mall ( fabulous mall! )

This was hands down our best experience in HK ! Everyone was out on the streets with beer cans in their hands and freely, fearlessly dancing away to the loud music from the pubs on both sides of the lively  street.


Day 3

Is it really ever possible to skip Disneyland ? Nope obviously. I am personally a big fan. And despite having been to 2 or 3 disneylands, I was as excited as my first one! Nothing compared to the Paris one, but there were about 1 or 2 rides that did surprise us!



They have their own disney express Metro/MTR/ tube !






It’s a family ritual to shop till we drop on our last night in a city and this time was no different! I had heard that Causeway Bay is a hot shopping spot and even though rain limited our plans greatly, I did manage to quickly  buy a few things! Mongkong is really good for those of you who are into electronics. The place also has a fascinating variety of shoe stores.

Day 4 & 5

Our time in HK was over and the next stop was Asia’s Las Vegas – Macau!

Back in the day, the only thing to see in Macau was The Venetian , where we were staying. Now a days another hotel by the name of Galaxy  has come up right opposite Venetian which is equally extravagant , or so I have heard.

Venetian is so huge with SO MANY amazing shopping labels: bershka, zara, CK, Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, Prada, Tiffany&Co, even a duty free with every possible makeup label you dream of: I mean the list is endless!


Mom and I were OBVIOUSLY in heaven and we could have literally stayed there our entire lives! Dad and my brother were needless to say sleeping, eating, living, breathing in the Casino!

Venetian has been made on the lines of Venice and is absolutely breath taking. Their food court has some really really yummy restaurants to try different cuisines at!

Vietnamese soup with chicken and veggies at phohoa
Non veg platter at Pita pit
Give me my ice cream!



On our final day, we took the Macau city tour where we went to 4 or 5 places. We started with The Macau Tower, where some people choose to bungee jump ( We skipped that because we guys have reserved that experience for New Zealand).

imageimageimageOther than that, there is preety much nothing to do there. The next stop was a monastery. They have a very interesting belief that if you touch the lion’s statue that is on the entry, it’ll bring good luck and fortune!



imageimageTo be honest, the only  part that I liked about the tour was The ruins’ of St. Pauls’ Cathedral. All in all, stick to the hotels and skip the tour because that’s what Macau is about!


Day 6

Biding a final goodbye to Macau because India was calling.

I hope you guys found this useful because I really tried to be as informative as I could!

See ya soon!


Niki ❤



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