5 types of eyewear you MUST have this Spring /Summer

There is indeed no such thing as too many pair of sunglasses !!  Ó¯Ô

Gooood morning my beautiful e-fam!!

I hope you’re having a superbbbb day and killing it in your office / owning that yummy lunch scene wearing that rocking outfit or sipping some delish cooler and reading this post! ❤

I am sure this one is gonna come handy because we all, without exception own sunglasses ( and some of us like me own dozens! #sorrynotsorry :p You guys have to believe me when I say that I have dedicated an entire shelf of my closet to my favorite pair of shades!) 

Summers are long here, and we absolutely cannot head out without a pair of sunglasses! Apart from this intrinsic value that it serves, a perfect, absolutely gorgeous pair of eyewear can completely change our look! For me, especially on days when I don’t feel like putting make up on!whenever the skin doesn’t behave,  Dior sunnies to the rescue, eh? : Every girl’s fav hack, who agrees with me?! )

Given all this, choosing the right pair for oneself depending on the design, face cut etc becomes insanely important. Now, this post doesn’t cover what shades are best suited for a particular face type because a lot of articles have touched upon that already. However, if you want me to take you guys through it, Let me know and I shall! :-*

Today, I thought it would be informative to take you through the best selling, hottest , in -trend sunnies this spring / summer around the globe, in my opinion!

I had sooooo many favourites, but I have narrowed it down to five, from a brand that I buy most of my eye wear from: BROCHIE! I chose this one particularly because a lot of you compliment me on my choice of sun- eyewear on instagram and snapchat and most of them are from this website. Also this one more or less covers all the trends hitting the eye wear industry that I wanted to talk about ( I have skipped my black eye rollers , and the evergreen Dior reflectors from this list because I believe these two have been doing the rounds from quite some time and are timeless treasures haha!

ARE YOU READY? Let’s get started!

1. Turtle Vagatore

Design: Leopard prints have been in demand for quite some time now! But that’s not the best part about these shades for me. Now, we all don’t focus on the intricate details on making a purchase such as the quality of the plastic involved, the frame stability etc. These sunnies are handcrafted from pure acetate ( high density plastic) and Zebrano wood!

Price: Rs 3020/-




2. Jeune Tsada

  1. Yellow-Orange Reflectors  – trend
  2. Quirky Pink pure wood frames- trend 

Design : Made of pure bamboo with crocodile texture on the outside.

Price : Rs. 3360/-

If you happen to be a beach bum like me, then your vacation is incomplete without these!!!!

image2 (8)




3. Horn Vagatore

This one is a hit in Europe!!! Now, before I begin talking about these, I want to make it clear that NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE PROCESS of making these sunnies. I am , like all of you very particular about this and the brand assures that these sunglasses are procured from naturally dead buffalo horn.

Design  : Unique, one of the latest trends to hit the world of fashion and super elegant: I cannot pen down the amazing quality and texture of the frame for this pair.It is really for one to experience!

Price : Rs 6740/- . I know this one’s a little heavy on the pocket. But then personally if you ask me,  all the famous, luxurious labels’ eye wears are and honestly the quality is worth the price!



image1 (11)

4. Zebrano Vagatore

Now, if you aren’t looking to go too bold with colored reflectors,or something as expensive like the horn , yet a pair that’s trendy and chic, then loves this one’s for you!

Design : Wooden frames are a rage this season, and this particular sun eyewear screams trend because it is made from the offshoot of a Zebrano Tree to define class and elegance. Cherry on the cake: Subtle Golden reflectors !

Price : Rs 3360/-





5. Dirty Charlie

Those of you on my instagram/ snapchat would know that these were my go to shades in Goa and even during my Hongkong trip! And literally more than two dozen of you asked me where I got them from! Well, you know now!

  1.  Handcrafted from pure acetate and ebony wood 
  2. Turquoise- green reflectors √ √ √ √

The quality is TO DIE FOR!

Price : Rs 2980/-

image1 (7)



I really hope this post proved useful for y’all, and if did or if you have any queries, please let me know in the  comment section below and do not forget to hit like !

Until next time


Niki ❤

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed /hunted in the making of these shades. The brand claims to give back to the environment in equal/ more amount than it claims to take. For every product sold, it contributes to the plantation of trees in association with the NGO “SAY TREES”.





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