Work to Twerk with RihannaxPumaMyntra

To say that she is the hottest badass babe in town, with an outlook on life that will inspire you to embrace your uniqueness, would be an understatement.

Right from the name of her instagram handle to allll the kick ass pinterest pictures quoting her talking about living your life for nobody but YOU , even with her latest hit single , she is an inspiration to many, including me, especially in times when I need to pep talk myself out of a self-doubt dilemma. 


Yes, I am talking about none other than the slayer – BadgalRiRi. This woman catches eyeballs everytime she steps out in an ensemble and we can now get a taste of her wardrobe because she is the Creative Director of one of the most sought after sports brands- Puma.

As selected by: Reshu arora, sillyjheel, harshita juneja, aishwariya , unnati,manali bhansal

Hello my angels! ❤

I hope you all are having a great day today. So a whole lot of you ( my super crazy snapchat family) already know about the on – going Rihannaxpumamyntra contest in association with which is giving rihanna fans like you and me a chance to fly to New York to meet her , as candid as it gets, in the flesh! YES! I heard your ecstatic scream my friend, it was very similar to mine!

_AND1490 (2)b
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As selected by: Rupashi dutta, jahanvi jain, kopal mehrotra , sanchi saluja, diksha, vanshika chhabra, priyanshi , aishwariya, niddhi rathi

And the best part is that we don’t even have to work work work work work , a lot for this one. All one has to do is purchase a Puma product from , be inspired by rihanna ,style it and upload the same  on the microsite :

As selected by: jahanvi jain, kopal mehrotra, diksha, divya pruthi, vanshika chhabra, shree khorwal,niddhi rathi
As selected by: Yv singh, jahanvi jain, sillyjheel, harshita juneja, kriti jain, aishwariya, unnati, manali bhansal

The top 10 entries, which will be chosen on the basis of your votes, will then move to the final round and a step closer to achieving their DREAM! 

I cannot begin to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart because the second I asked you all to help me win this on snapchat, in just a couple of hours, I was on the top! #NMfam is what you all have been calling yourself and NOBODY can be more proud than me!!! Thankyou for SO MUCH LOVE ❤

My RiRi- Inspired Look


Bold.Ballsy.Quirky.Fierce.Playful.Different.Risky.Not your typical comfort zone.Pretty.RIHANNA.

_AND1474 (2)b
As selected by: Dheeraj singh, Rashmi arora, sonali garg, kalpana malhotra & meghna ahuja
As selected by: Alankrita singh, Shifaiqbal, riya dhamija , jahanvi jain, sillyjheel, diksha, sherry, dikshita, anjali rao, tanya gupta


Being inspired by her and imbibing that into my personal style was definitely challenging because it required me to move out of my comfort zone but I hope you all find it deserving.

On me:

  • Puma boys white printed t-shirt . Shop this here
  • Puma women black trunk shorts .Shop this here
  • Puma black unisex cap. Shop this here
As selected by: Kopal mehrotra
As selected by: Rupali narang, jahanvi jain, vanshika chhabra
As selected by: Jahanvi jain, sillyjheel, harshita juneja, manali bhansal
_AND1484 (2)
As selected by: riya dhamija, shifaiqbal, sillyjheel, diksha, sherry, dikshita, anjalirao
As selected by: Diksha, divya pruthi, vanshika chhabra
As selected by: Jahanvi jain, sillyjheel, harshita juneja, manali bhansal

If you like this look and you think I deserve to stay on the top, then please vote for me by clicking here: and logging in through your facebook to cast your like!

Until Next time,

“Be yourself, because everyone else is taken”


Photography: Ajay Kumar @photocallsindia. You can find his work here

Ps: All the photographs included in this post have been chosen and voted by my readers.










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