Of crop tops and skirts ft. Azura

Hi my angels ❤

A very warm morning to y’all! I really hope that today proves happy, productive and lively for you. As for me, I have been really busy keeping up with my blog work and my final few days of post grad.It feels so so so weird that yet another important phase of my life is coming to an end. Yes, I am talking about the weird feeling of oh-shit, I ‘ve grown up to oh no! I am going to miss this place, we allll get during our school/college farewells.

Well, but on the positive side, I will finally get to focus all my attention to my blog, something I have been wanting to do for a while now. And this means a lot of exciting posts. Yay.

Speaking of exciting posts, I do have something really interesting in store for you today.So everyone loves a good crop top and skirt! This trend took the world by storm! It means being dressy but breaking from the usual norm of dresses/maxis.

Pic courtesy: Google. TAY, we love you!

Sometimes, it also meant being casual yet not donning a pair of jeans/shorts. Then came in coords, and oh my, they are still a rage!!

Pic courtesy: Google.

And now I have started noticing people wear crop top and skirts even on weddings and to work! Couldn’t have asked for more from this versatile trend ❤

So for today, I show you how you can create two very different looks for very very different occasions using the same crop top. A simple change of a skirt can get you covered for a wedding and a formal meeting. Let’s get staaaaaarted!

LOOK 1: The wedding affair

look: Indo western

Outfit: I chose a royal blue crop top and a straight line maxi skirt with a very quirky print on it. This outfit is perfect for us girls!!! It’s the right amount of indian(read dressy) and edgy.

image2 (2)

image2 (2)

Label:  I got this outfit from my current favorite store in Indian wear- AZURA. You can find her here: AZURA

image2 (1).JPG

Hair and makeup: I tied my hair in a bun, went a little heavy on the makeup, added my golden clutch and voila!

image1 (3)

image1 (5)z

image1 (4)z

LOOK 2 : I got a meeting!

Look: formal


Outfit: The best part about the crop top I wore in the previous look, or for that matter a lot of crop tops we choose for our indo-‘western’ looks is that you can always wear them with a pair of jeans, or a casual/pencil skirt etc to create an entirely different, more western look.

image1 (3).PNG


outfit: Royal blue crop top, with off-white pencil skirt and beige heels.

Label: Croptop : AZURA

Skirt: A store in Bangkok, Thailand

Glasses: Glassic.in

Heels:   Jabongindia



I hope you guys liked today’s post. If you did and want me to do more such posts, do let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time





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