Making people’s lives colorful this Holi ft. Yepme

“Spreading happiness among our customers is a priority for us.It’s good to see smile on their faces, knowing we are the reason behind it– Yepme

And I plan to do just that by bringing this post to you

Hi my beautiful e fam!

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a smile on the faces on people you care, and when these people you truly care about are your customers- Yes, that’s the sign of a successful yet compassionate brand! Yepme decided to do just that on the auspicious and lively occasion of HOLI, 2016 by painting their customers with #freshfashioncolors !! And believe me you, these colors are much better than the regular ones  😉

Let me tell you what I mean!

Yepme decided to personally go,surprise and greet their customers in Delhi,NCR region to add some colors in their life on this Holi 2016. This was best achieved by surprising them with something that they could use  – Holi Colorful T-Shirts.

Ekta Singh

Each of the customer was given a surprise visit by Team Yepme at their places with a Holi t-shirt and a team of professionals to record them. The idea to record the customers was to catch the moment, their expression and keep it in the book of Yepme-customers memory for lifetime! (Awww, if yepme were a guy, me and my team here would be hooting  for him!)


Making their customers’ holi colorful and fashionable was a great gesture by yepme to show they value them! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

Yepme has insipired me to send some goodies to my readers!  And I shall.

Until then, I hope my love for y’all will suffice



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