Fitness First with LocalOye

They say a fit and healthy body will always be a fashion statement AND I couldn’t agree more!

Hi my loves ❤

Each day I share with you guys different ways to quirk up your outfits or some beauty hacks that make us girls look pretty. But believe me you, there is nothing more powerful than a healthy diet and a good fitness regime in helping you look every bit stunning from outside and from the inside.

Convinced and completely smitten by the idea of yoga, about one month ago I decided to give it a try and I feel so much better already!

image (1),

I am still a beginner but lets just say I know  a lot more than before -All thanks to LOCAL OYE. I am sure a lot of you guys are sailing in the same boat as me and haven’t taken up yoga up till now , at least not so seriously. But for those of you wishing to do the same, proper guidance is a must. Which practically rules out group classes because the teacher can’t always pay full attention to us beginners. Don’t lose hope just as yet fam, with LOCAL OYE at our disposal , we now have  an array of opportunities . For those of you who aren’t yet aware of this hugely popular platform, LOCAL OYE is a marketplace where you can hire a wide range of professionals like yoga instructors, fitness trainers, beauty services at home, make up artists, wedding planners , party planners, tutors, electricians , home cleaners , etc for your specific needs. Their on ground services are available across Bangalore, New Delhi , Mumbai , Gurgaon and Noida. But through their online app, they are reaching out to the whole of India.

I booked myself a personal trainer for a month and I am so thrilled to be sharing with you a glimpse of one of my training sessions. What’s more is that I will take you guys through some of the benefits of these asanas!

1. Kandharasana

This asana may be utilized to realign the spine , eliminating rounded shoulders and relieving backache . It tones the female reproductive organs and is useful for women who have a tendency to miscarry


2.  Santolasana

This asana improves nervous balance and develops a sense of inner equilibrium and harmony . It strengths the muscles of the thighs , arms , shoulders and spine


3. Eka Pada Asana

This asana develops nervous balance . It also strengthens the leg , ankle and foot  muscles



4. Ardha Ushtrasana

It stretches the stomach and intestines , alleviating constipation .The front of the neck is fully stretched , toning the organs in this region and regulating the thyroid gland .It is helpful for people suffering from asthma.


5.Eka Padasna

This asana strengthens the arms , wrists ,back , back , hips and leg muscles . It helps to develop muscular co-ordination, nervous balance and concentration.



The whole process of booking yourself a service is really easy and takes just about a minute. All the people giving the services that are associated with local oye are extremely professional and trained as was my instructor Mr. Ashwini. All in all  this platform, that covers everything important from a needle to an airplane,  assures you high quality service from the comfort of your home.

Let me know if you guys decide to give it a try here or on my instagram/facebook/twitter. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. If you like this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up or let me know in the comments below!

See you next time my loves

Niki ❤


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