GEEK CHIC ft.House Of Chase

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Hi my loves!

Yes, I have left no stone unturned in killing your excitement about what today’s post is about. (This is also an indirect hint for you to look at my amateur doodling above I am feeling super proud of :-p )

A lot of you  on my instagram requested a college wear look. But before I begin, let me ask you a few things quickly:

  1. Are you a passionate fashionista?
  2. Do you love quirky outfits?
  3.  Do you like to play with colors?
  4. do you believe you can carry off big broad frames like a boss?

Well, If the answer to all of them above is A BIG yes, then this post is for you!

I came across House Of Chase a couple of days ago, and stumbled upon this really chic grey velour jacket from their collection.If you know me then  I think , the rest of the story writes itself, doesn’t it? I didn’t waste a minute to add this one to my cart. This jacket was so effortlessly stylish and casual , that I decided to create two GEEK CHIC looks for y’all – one where I played with colors, and another one for those of you who’d rather go neutral.

LOOK 1 : Playful, young and quirky #casualvibesonly

For this look, I decided to pair my neutral grey jacket with a hot pink sweater (to match my pink DIY shoes) worn under a denim overall. I did justice to my geekchic vibe by adding a pair of broad glasses. My makeup and hair were absolutely natural- How they should be in college. This look is SO me and I think it would look super cute yet so sexy if you wear it to college!


What I am wearing:

House of chase jacket : Find it here

Pink sweater : M&S

Shoes: DIY’d

I don’t remember where I bought my denim dungaree from but you can find a similar one  here

Look 2: Neutral, sharp, less play more work

I created this look using a neutral palate only. So I matched my grey hoodie with a grey pair of jeans. For the chilly days, don’t forget to add an extra layer of coat just like me!

IMG_0126IMG_0133bIMG_0123mmmm - CopyIMG_0151.FotorCreateddd

What I am wearing:

House of chase jacket : Find it here

Jeans: Forever 21

Ballerinas: Primark

Coat: A store in Oxford street, London


This is it for today ladies! If you liked this post or gained some inspiration, do not forget to give it a thumbs up and share your thoughts/ queries in the comments below


Niki ❤




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