Ways to quirk up modern wedding outfits using your Heirloom Jewellery

Since we were kids, we have been brought up to believe in the power of love and marriage in this culturally rich space that you and I share. If there is anything that beats the madness of Diwali , it is the thought of a sibling or a dear friend finally ready to bid adieu to the single life. 

Namaste my lovelies from this side of the world and a big warm Hi to the other beautiful side of the world!

If there is anyone who is as happy as your parents about you getting hitched yet as scared as you for giving up on your single life, it is your bridesmaid! BUT but, This job is not all fun and games. We bridesmaids know how all eyes are set on our best friend – The Bride To Be. So naturally we have to help her look like the most beautiful woman in the world on the most beautiful days of her life. 

I know how most modern age brides constantly battle between not letting go of their young, innocent appeal and  yet being true to their roots. Well well ladies, As a bridesmaid for Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers, I am going to share with you a few simple tips on how to style your Heirloom Jewellery with your latest wedding outfits to get that perfect balance of being a modern bride with a traditional Indian heart. What’s better is by doing this, you can make your mother and grandma feel special by honoring the khandani jewellery on your big day.  

From using your Nani’s earring as a maang tikka to wearing a gold neck piece as a matha patti, THIS VIDEO has it all. So go ahead, get some inspiration and do not forget to like, comment and subscribeee!

kalyan kalyan3image (5) kalyan4 kalyan2

Styled by : Pranay Jaitly from who wore what when

Make up by: Shruti Sharma


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Stay Beautiful ❤




2 thoughts on “Ways to quirk up modern wedding outfits using your Heirloom Jewellery

  1. I love the use of traditional jewellery and we all must not forget our roots in the globalised village we call earth.


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