Soulier Carte est arte

Established in 1995, Soulier Carte is a London footwear brand formed by a French designer, Olivia lamb and boasts of its artistic roots in its beautiful and comfortable women’s collection that it has only recently launched in India!

Hi my loves!

How are you all doing today?

I am so so so thrilled to be sharing this exciting  news with y’all that SOULIER CARTE LONDON(SCL) has finally come up with its uber cool collection for us!

“ Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Tumblr got it right. And come on girls, we know there is no denying that! The right shoe can make or break our entire outfit. For those of you who know me personally, would know that I can literally eat, sleep , run and dance in my heels.  I just feel the right pair of heels, make me look so tall and confident in myself!

But I also know how that perfect pair can burn a hole in your pocket if it hasn’t already caused a burn in your feet, given how uncomfortable walking in heels is sometimes!

But, but Trust me when I say “ Soulier Carte est arte”  because their collection has a slight sole incline that re-positions the wearer’s body naturally over their frame to help you  attain maximum comfort and the latest styles at a price which will make you want to pinch yourself to confirm that its reality.

I know how all of us are busy running errands the entire day so much so that if we have a plan to catch up with our friends later at night, we hardly have time to change. Without further ado, Come with me from DAY to Night, as I slip into a night ensemble by slightly changing my outfit of the day and not to forget switching my comfortable yet chic wedges with my stunning stilettos.

DAY: keeping it quirky while running errands

This look needs to be as comfortable as possible because you don’t want to end up tired and bruised especially if you have a plan later in the day. So I chose a comfortable pair of ripped denim, and teamed it up with a   pink candy color blazer worn over a plain white tank. I added quirk to my look with these blue and white stripped shoe wedges , which is the most valuable addition to my wardrobe. Ask me why, loves? Because there are a lot of times, like when I am going to college or for a causal lunch with friends when I don’t want to wear heels because they  have a tendency to make the whole look seem a little bit over the top(even though I am a heel-oholic, wearing heels in college is a bit odd:p)  but I want to look tall at the same time. These wedges give the impression of shoes from the front and are every bit as comfortable , yet give me the confidence of looking tall.


NIGHT: Keeping it sassy 

I am a leo. AND leos are lazy humans. Lets face it. Who has the time and energy to  change into a whole new outfit after a tiring day? But we also want to make a statement. No worries my same zodiac sign friends, I got a simple solution. All I did was ditch the denim for a pair of Aztec shorts and let my heels do all the talking. I chose a pair of pink retro heels to match my blazer and my statement neck piece and voila! I was ready in no time.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Do not forget to step into the world of kardashians with these ultra modern shoes my lovely ladies. Their collection is to die for. You can check it out here:  And do it now more than ever because you can use the CODE “slc40” for 40%  discounts!!!!!!!! Isn’t that fabulous?

And for all the boys reading this, don’t you worry because Soulier Carte will be launching their men collection coming autumn!

Until Next time

Lots of love

Niki ❤

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