Discover,buy & sell fashion with Zapyle

What would you do if I told you that I have discovered a fashion networking – instagram which is an easier platform than tumblr and pinterest for you to get inspired from  AND also happens to be an affordable version of perniaq’s pop up shop?  YES, all this in one app and if you wana know what I am talking about, then go on reading :p

Hello my loves!

Sending across a lot of positive vibes and hoping that today is turning out to be fantastic for all of you! I am here to make your awesome day even better with some really exciting and useful information.

I happened to stumble upon this fashion app called ZAPYLE which is the most loved app this season for all the fashion fanatics out there who crave luxuries! 12237320_1511451012486767_1594412739_n(1)

No matter how much we deny it or try to control ourselves, we all crave that beautiful louboutin we saw Angelina Jolie in on the red carpet, or that Dior bag our eyes have been set on since the time we saw it in the mall, or the Versace watch that has been engraved In our hearts since the time it caught our eyes ! But alas, our pockets don’t allow it everytime and the wish list never really gets added to the shopping cart. But not anymore ladies!! You can now save big on luxury fashion brands by quickly logging in to Zapyle through your Facebook or instagram and buy your dream wish list from your fashion sister’s closet.

The drill is really simple:

  • There are a lot of amazing people offering style inspirations on Zapyle . It’s basically a refined fashion networking version of instagram.
  • What’s more is that some of your favorite bloggers and a bunch of other people are offering some of their pre-used luxury clothes and accessories in good quality for sale! So you can easily buy pre-loved fashion that you have always wanted at an affordable price! Like I said, it’s like a dreamy version of the pop up shop with all the luxury brands in one place, now affordable than ever!
  • But it doesn’t end here! You can sell some of your stuff too!!! Yes, the good quality branded items that you don’t wish to wear anymore. Once you have filled in your bank details, Zapyle will deliver the money in 3 days!!

You must watch the entire video here , to know more about how Zapyle functions.

It’s absolutely free on IOS and ANDROID so you shouldn’t think twice before downloading it! I personally haven’t come across a more versatile and cooler fashion app than this.

Hope this made your day!

I’ll see you guys soon



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