[ L o o k b o o k ] 10 ways to style your denim jeans

” The beauty of denim is it’s versatility- you can feel comfortable yet sexy”

Aaaannd hence it is a wardrobe essential for all of us without exception !

Hi there! How are y’all?!

So, I know we all own at least 3-4 pair of denims but it is that one absolute favorite pair of jeans that is the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable and we don’t mind wearing it daily whether it is for a casual outing with friends or an event! But sometimes while deciding what to team it up with, we get stuck to limited options ! *The little fashionista inside of us shakes her head with disapproval*

I have been wanting to do a lookbook series on the blog for a while now and i have finally managed to bring this to you guys (phew! and by finally i mean after 4 days of shooting and some endless time management :p) :

10 ways to style your denim jeans to create completely different  looks !  There are a lotttt of pictures so I am going to let them do the talking.

Look 1 : Denim x Black

For this look, I wore a multi colored studded bustier top with a black coat and ankle length gladiators.


Look 2: Denim x Neutrals

I played with neutrals and brought in a pop of color with my blue hair bow worn as a collar tie to create a sharp and chic look.


Look 3: Denim x Cheetah

I teamed up my cheetah printed blazer with a high collar gold neck piece and finished the look with  a clean center part ponytail.


Look 4: Denim x Red

I created this look by wearing my scarf as a top and securing my waist with a thin belt.


Look 5: Denim x Tan

I wore a beige skirt as a top and a tan leather jacket over my shoulders to finish the look.


Look 6: Denim x Plaid

I teamed up a blue-green plaid shirt with my ripped denims and wore a blue scarf as a headband for a casual outing with friends.


Look 7 : Denim x Color burst

I didn’t have to do much when I had a  beautiful multi-colored crop top at my disposal.


Look 8: Denim x Scarf

To make the casual look a tad more interesting, I wore a scarf over my jeans in the fashion of a wrap-around skirt.


Look 9: Denim x Kimono

I matched my multi colored heels with a flower print kimono and tied my hair in a bun to keep it casual yet chic.


Look 10: Denim x White

I recreated the all time favorite combination of denims and whites, by wearing a high collared white jacket with my shimmer heels and a white bow clutch.


I hope you girls got some new ideas on how to style your favorite pair of jeans and if you did, give this post a thumbs up!

I’ll see you guys really sooon because there is something exciting coming up!

Lots of love,



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