A girl of many moods ft. Glassic

I am a girl, and like any, I have many moods.On some days I am confident, on others not so much, on some I feel beautiful , on others I nag about my imperfections. And then there are days when I wake up happy and feel loved. Au contrairè , on some I fight over not being pampered. But I am a girl of many moods and I think that’s my best personality trait.

-Yours truly

And I think that’s the beauty of being a woman. To all the beautiful ladies out there, this post is dedicated to you! ❤

1. E N T E R P R I S I N G

She is fierce.She is opinionated and bold enough to voice it. She is selfish, and wants to talk business when it’s needed.She has a temper and gets even. She is independent and a hella proud.

On days when we are all work and no play, but the excited fashionista inside of us wants to play the part? No worries ladies.

I decided to pair my basic denim shirt and black jeggings with tiger printed heels and wore my dream catcher earring as a broche to add a pop of color to my otherwise serious look. But what sharp look is complete without a pair of edgy bold frames right? I chose a peck X-ray black pair from Glassic .



2. A E S T H E T I C 

She is beautiful. She feels beautiful. She is coy. She has a wandering soul. She wants to love everyone around her.She wakes up from the lows of life every morning to believe in the power of happiness and positivism.She is romantic. She believes in magic, she believes in art.”

These are the days, we feel loved, and every thing is rosy and mother can tell from a distance that the happy soul has woken up energetic today. The days we want to put on love me like you do, get all cheesy on the phone planning the perfect date, or watch a romcom or a chick flick.

Following my artistic instincts, I teamed up my white shirt and black shorts with a golden-beige shrug and secured it with a black belt around my waist. I chose to adorn this look with some beautiful Swarosvki pendants and some curly hair wrapped up in a side bun.But the look got a whole new definition when I added the same peck X-ray frames from glassic.


3. C A R E F R E E 

She is callous and lazy. She is irresponsible. She is casual about some of the important things in life. She is fun to be around. She is playful. She is a child.”

These are days when we are cheerful and playful. The inner child in us screams comfort even if the society doesn’t approve it. loose  pajamas and messy buns anybody?

I chose my favorite pair of ripped denim and added a casual hoodie over my simple black tank to complete this look. Some cute additions of two ponytails and the coolest, baddest frames from glassic got me covered.


I hope you all enjoyed the looks as much as I loved creating them for you! A huge shout out to Glassic- the next big thing in the eye wear space!! Their frames easily slipped in through all my moods like y’all just saw! And since they manufacture them on their own, the prices are super affordable. But you will believe me when I say they are revolutionary, when you hop on to their site and choose to buy yourself a pair of sunglasses. You ask why? Because they have this uber cool and super unique feature called VIRTUAL TRY ON, where you can see how the frames look on your face on the screen!!!! How cool is that? I have tried it and it’s really fun and helpful.

Until Next time my beautiful ladies

Lots of hugs





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