Style your way to Paris with Swarovski

Helloooo beautiful world!
Before anything else, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for so much love and support which helped me win this competition and have a life enriching experience in Paris ❤ 
Kritika and I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot!!

On day 1 , we went straight to the Eiffel Tower- which.was.beautiful!!! It was lit up in pink for cancer awareness and illuminated itself to glory every hour. Then we headed straight to the night cruise on River Seine that took us through the beautiful city of Paris(it was freezing coldddd in there, trust me:p )

For day 2 we were scheduled to meet the creative mind behind the gorgeous Swarovski jewels- Nathalie Colin. She was a darling! So inspiring and indeed so creative. We did a fun shoot for Swarovski and saw the breathtaking sprint summer collection 2016 inspired by nature. The swarosvki office was absolutely gorgeous!! After touring the same, Nathalie took us out for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental. The food doesn’t just look pretty in the photos! It was actually yummyyyyyy..12105029_517756155040973_1535178334_n










What I wore on Day2 – Ombre pink outfit and swarovski jewels

Day3 was all about shooting for grazia India at three stunning locations.The first one was the world renowned pastry shop laduree, followed by Pont Alexandre III where we shot in the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. The last one was a colorful street by the name Rue Cremieux.

What I wore on Day2 – Ombre pink outfit and swarovski jewels


First Shoot

outfit: Lemon jumpsuit

Swarovski style trend: ring me up


Marissa Cox_Swarovski1

Marissa Cox_Swarovski23

Marissa Cox_Swarovski27

Second shoot:

outfit: navy blue off shoulder gown

Swarovski style trend: pendant layering


Marissa Cox_Swarovski10

Marissa Cox_Swarovski29

Marissa Cox_Swarovski24

Third shoot

outfit: crop top and skirt courtesy Grazia

Swarovski style trend: bangle mania


Marissa Cox_Swarovski18

Marissa Cox_Swarovski20

Marissa Cox_Swarovski19

Marissa Cox_Swarovski21

We have told you guys on our Instagram handle how amazing and different we found Veronique’s makeup style! She told us how Parisian women believed in minimalism when it came to their makeup .This idea was so refreshing!
It was a short trip but we took back so many memories with us! A huge shout out to Swarovski who bid us farewell with this lovely hamper and my team mate and forever love kritika ❤

Hope you guys  enjoy the pictures because we sure as hell had a lot of fun taking them!

picture courtesy : Marissa cox
Lots of love


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