colorful kisses with FGali

Hellooo my angels! ❤

Sending across 10,000 warm hugs to you allll for so much lovee.We turned 10k on Instagram  yay! 

Now that we are talking about love, I also have some colorful kisses for y’allll to share with your girlfriends! How you ask?unnamed

FGali brings you it’s new collection of extremely beautiful and feminine ‘ballerinas’. They are super comfortable, uber stylish and extremely affordable! What’s more is that you shouldn’t worry about getting a shoe bite because of their unique feature of cushioning the back of these bellies. I chose the ‘kiss’ print, but I am also absolutely in love with their mooch, music and cheetah prints. Attaching photos below for y’all to see:6 31 66For this post, I chose the cute geeky look because given the comfort of these quirky ballerinas, I would definitely wear them to college! Hope you guys enjoy the photos.Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ❤

Lots of kisses





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