British Paints #MissedCalls campaign

“Paint your imagination”

I love colors, I’m sure we allll do. And if there is one dilemma  a lot of us face time and again, at Diwali or other such festive colorful occasions, is what color we want the walls of our sweet homes to be painted in. Paint Your Imagination. I have literally grown up listening to this, not only because the pink and blue walls of my bed room are courtesy British paints, but also because it’s so inspiring, don’t you think?

See I am so excited to talk to you about the hugeeee #missedcalls campaign that created so much buzz in the digital world, I almost forgot to greet my internet fam!

Helloooo you lovely people!! How are we today? Don’t worry if you are feeling a little dull, I am sure this post is going to make things colorful  when I am going to share with you all the details of this fun campaign.

So, I am pretty pretty sure all of us have heard about British Paints,but I’ll take y’all through it one more time. That’s so sweet of meee. lol just kidding

So they are a leading paint/color company and a manufacturer in the paint industry with a solution to all home surface problems with a huge color palate and a variety of paint ideas and backed by a dedicated team of professionals with rich and valued experience, they strive to bring to its customers top notch coating solutions.

Have you guys seen the British paints JAANkidas TV commercial? Hilarious right? ;p Not only that it’s so relatable because I for one am guilty of giving missed calls to my friends every  now and then whenever my balance is running out. (Which is almost everyday:p)

For those of you who haven’t , please open this LINK and check it out, because the hugely successful and super funny #missedcall campaign that I am about to update you about, is all about this!

The campaign saw many influencers talking about the brand, promoting the YouTube video and participating in the contest.The ultimate aim was to make the fans/tweeps nostalgic about their feelings during the time of #MissedCalls which was successfully done with the help of contest.

The whole of twitter was asked these super fun questions with some exciting rewards and there were some really cool replies:Attaching some snaps for y’all to seeeee:
Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8

I love sharing with y’all the quirky things and contests that keep happening on the web.

Let me know what you thought of this unique strategy in the comments below!

Until Then,

Stay colorful!!

A bunch of Love,


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