Saturday Night Calling

Hey there!

It’s #friyay and the weekend is finally hereeeee! I am pretty sure most of us are already searching our closets to decide what to wear for our weekend plans! So I thought, no better time for a quick #OOTN post, eh?

Delhi weather right now is as unpredictable as it gets- one day, it’ll rain like cats and dogs and you’ll sweat your guts out the other! And that’s exactly what happened during my weekend plan! It rained almost the entire day so the roads were naturally really messy and it was really humid at night. Well done D weather:/ 

 I chose my most comfortable pair of palazzo pants so that I don’ t dirty my legs and at the same time not die of humidity. Matched the same with a pink-peach crop top from Forever 21 , draped my sheer ( with a pinch of shimmer) top over it, completed with look with a thick black belt to enhance my waist line and I was good to go! 

For my makeup, I went loud with my eyes and lip because well, sat night calls for a little glambam , don’t you think?

Loved the way the whole look turned out and I hope you got some cues too! Get set ladies, sat night is about to call!

Until Next Time

Yours truly xx





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