Hi there! I am sure that your morning is as good as mine especially for all you Delhi people because the weather is jussst perfect!!Thank god for rain as I finally sat down to write this post! Procrastination 101

But I am not gonna delay this any further, so let’s get right to it!

Let me start like this -Aren’t you bored of wearing your beautiful collection of neck pieces the usual way? Well, I am and if you are too, today’s post shall give you some answers as to how you can use your beautiful collection in a different and sometimes better way! 

1. The usual way

Because a neck piece is after all a “neck” piece, I thought of starting with the usual ‘adorn your neckline with a beautiful piece’ way. For this post, I am wearing an all white outfit to highlight the all golden accessories that I am wearing. 


2. Wear your neck piece as an arm cuff

Unusual? yes. But a lot of fun! I am sure a lot of you would also have a similar neck piece in your collection. How can you be different? Wear this as an arm cuff instead! It’s a Do-It-Yourselfer and if you want to know how I did it, let me know in the comments below! Once I wore this as an arm cuff, at least for me it looked so much  better on my arm than my neck.



3. Wear your neck piece as a hairband

For this entire post ,I have deliberately chosen pieces that I think a lot of people have in their collection so that they can style them in a similar fashion easily. This one is also very common and you can find it practically everywhere. A neck piece is so beautifully crafted that wearing it as a hairband adds a lot more edge than a regular band!


4.Wear your neck piece as a shoulder chain

Have a tasseled neck piece? There you go girl! Wear it as a shoulder chain!

I had been looking for a shoulder chain for what seems like a decade now and I got my hands on it only recently. I am sure a lot of girls might be facing a similar trouble. But this neck piece is so common and you can find it in any street market. You don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a shoulder accessory when the neck piece lying in your closet has a dual purpose!


5. Wear your neck piece as a belt

Now that I was styling a tasseled neck piece in a different way, I came up with this idea too! It is so versatile!! I wore it as a layered belt. This again is a Do-It-Yourselfer but it’s really really easy!


I hope this post helps you in bringing your neck pieces to a lot more use! If it does, hit like and let me know down below!

Until Next Time

~Be Creative~


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