See You Again #londonstreetstyle Day 7

“Luxury must be comfortable , otherwise it is not luxury”

And that is why, nothing beats casual streetstyle. Hellooo y’all! Ready for some casual vibes on the streets of London, One last time? Let’s go down the memory lane a bit.I hope y’all saw my London Bridge post. Today’s post is similar in two ways-Firstly, the basic framework of the outfit is similar: cropped denim jacket , crop top, jeans and a layer. Secondly, like that post , I played with patterns in this one too. I brought together 4 different patterns to assemble this #OOTD – faded ( denim jacket), monochrome checkered ( crop top) , dark denim (jeans) and an abstractly patterned layering drawing in colors from the above palate- blue, black and white. However, this time around for the layer, I chose a top , instead of a scarf and wore it over my denim jacket rather than inside.That gave the outfit a whole new look! “Denim and tan” is my go-to combination this season .All my accessories are either tan brown or tan golden – the handcuff, heel boots and the hand bag.The tan brown waist belt that you see in the photos was a last minute add-on. I loved the way it was complementing the whole look plus it broke down the monotony of an all-blue look. My make up is really casual and light too.Just compact powder and a nude lip. I hope you guys had fun watching my london streetstyle section and how I used a limited set of clothes to create a new outfit everyday! If yes, then hit like and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! See you again   xx final lss2

final lss6

final lss7

final lss8



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