Pepper tap review

” I will carry 17 grocery bags or die trying before making two trips!”

Can any of you relate to that? Well, I certainly can and I am pretty sure this also holds for those of you who have been grocery shopping at least once!

Want to go out for shopping? Shop your favorite Zara dress that’s on flat 50% sale!!!Why go out to shop for groceries and carry heavy bags, almosttttt hurting your feet , when you have a very easy alternative? Today’s post is all about making lives simpler and ordering your entire list of groceries and fruits and vegetables online, while sitting comfortably in your pjs at home!

How can one do that, you ask? 



With this app, you can order household,kitchen,dairy items,beverage, baby care products or beauty products online and have them delivered at your doorstep within two hours or at your chosen time slot!This app is currently covering almost all localities in Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh and promises to cover more cities super soon.I will quickly highlight the things I found really promising about this app:



  • To begin with, the executives promise to handpick fresh fruits, vegetables and grocery items and if you aren’t satisfied with the delivery, they claim to take it back, no questions asked.
  • The picture , however, is not always perfect.I went through a grievance regarding the service, which is otherwise really satisfactory. A fellow lady wasn’t very happy because the products were delivered a little late and without the receipt. What I found really assuring was that the team responded to the issue almost instantly and explained their side of the story. I am attaching some screenshots for y’all to see!


  • They are really considerate towards their customers so much so that they make sure to update any bug fixes with the app too!


All in all, Pepper Tap is a really user friendly app which allows you to order the basic necessities of your daily life with a few touches that can reach your doorstep within the same time it would take you to go grocery shopping!

There are discount coupons for you to avail and the shipping is free above Rs 250.So get going ladies! Get rid of your huge grocery lists and start ordering from the comfort of your home!

Until Next Time

Keep it simple silly:-) 

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