From LSE to piccadilly #londonstreetstyle Day2

Gooood afternoon!

Yesterday was such a bright sunny day here, and I hope it stays that way.Fingers crossed 

So let me start this post my asking you something.What do you do when you have to go for a quick meeting in  the London School of Economics, and then immediately after that go to piccadilly circus for shopping? No time to change!

That’s what today’s OOTD post is about. Semi formal   ——>  casual streetstyle

My meeting didn’t demand very formal clothes, and I had in mind my shopping plans that were to follow, so I teamed up my beige skirt with a black top and a denim jacket. My initial choice of footwear was something else, but unfortunately my laptop bag was purple and black,which would have looked odd had I not matched my heels to them. Hence the purple and black heels. Unusual combination ,yes but it works for me.

I have naturally curly hair and I wanted to keep it that way with this look too. The makeup is not very loud because of the meeting. Later on ,I just ditched my extremely high pair of heels for my super comfy shoes that I wore in the last post too, and switched the denim jacket with a shawl because after all it’s London and it will always be chilly by the end of the day.

beige skirt : Thailand denim jacket : forever 21


Alright from a personal style blogger to a travel one, piccadillyyyyyy! Whoever has been to London and even some of those who haven’t, know how amazing and lively piccadilly is, so I am not going to be a tour guide don’t worry. I probably will tell you my favorite places in piccadilly ,starting with the organic coffee shop right next to the store of MANGO. It’s a small cafe at the end of the lane with outside seating and they serve the world’d best coffeeee. I am not a coffee person AT ALL, but if I liked it, then it sure as hell is good!

Next up,St James Tavern. Best beer, amazing food and great ambience !

Super good beer, nice music , amazing ambience

If you have a sweet tooth and you love macarons as much as me, then the WHOLE FOODS store in the same lane as james tavern is the right choice.


Ladies , this one’s for you , name a fashion store and you’ll find it. Let me save some space here and skip mentioning  them :p My Dior foundation was running out so I went to the BOOTS store just to have a look  because I usually buy my makeup from the airport,  but this store was heaven! 

Well that’s it for today , let me know if you liked how I switched between semi formal and casual streetstyle  in the comments below ! 

See you soon at the same place!


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