How come everytime you come around my London Bridge #londonstreetstyle Day3

***Disclaimer No1: The reason for the title of this post being taken straight out of fergie’s song is only minutely attributed to the fact that that’s where I spent my day and more to the OBVIOUS fact that this song was on my favorite list for atleast 2 yearssss

Disclaimer No2: Please take a moment to appreciate some nice photos because they were captured by my one and only supermom ***

Whaaaat’s up y’all!

It’s still sunny in here!yay. But you know what’s not yay? This weather calls for beach-chillinggg and the closest beach near london is a hour and a half drive from my place. Sigh

But I found the closest substitute (which is by no means even remotely related to my beach plan) – Cruising!

That’s what I spent doing today. Cruising river Thames with Love me Like you do playing in my ipod and crossing the London bridge (and the tower bridge.and the millenium bridge.I think the architect also lost count) was serene.

What I wore for this activity:

  • My high waist acid jeans along with my denim jacket because It’s always  windy and chilly on a boat.
  • My cheetah printed crop top and contrasted that with a bright yellow and blue printed knee length scarf.
  • Navy blue heel boots

These shades are a recent buy so I think I am going to be obsessed with them for a while. The only other piece of accessory that I used were my gold earrings


It was a bright sunny day and I did not at alll want to go all ramp walk-ish glam , so I stuck to my Dior nude makeup kit with little/no eye shadow, compact without any concealing and natural lip shade balm.






B5 B6

The boat gave us a quick tour of Thames and I was too busy either enjoying the view or eating, so I didn’t get time for many photos but I did manage to get one at Tower Pier, because just look at the way it’s adorned with all those beautiful flowers!



I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post.If you did, let me know in the comments below!


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