Southfields #londonstreetstyle Day1

Good afternoon from here and goodevening from there!

How are y’all today?! Sorry for not being able to keep up my promise of posting my daily #OOTD posts..I am really worked up here. But oh well, better late than never, right?

So let me start from where I left off last. Why are these OOTD posts going to be special and well (I hope) interesting! We all face issues while packing for a trip , don’t we now? The constant trade off between travelling comfortable and travelling in style.Gosh. I, for one , can never travel light! But I wanted to make this time an exception. And I did. yayyyy. Which brings me to the interesting part. I literally packed around 10-12 pieces of clothes for my 16 day trip! And and.. these 10-12 clothing items  include jeans, tops, jackets, dresses..everything!

But its almost always mandatory to travel in style! So, that’s the background for my coming posts. I am going to be styling the limited pieces of clothing that I am carrying to create a new outfit everyday!

 For the first day, I chose to wear my peach just-above-ankle-length skirt with my beaded black bustier from asos. Even though it is summer here, It still gets pretty chilly. So I added my black coat to complete the look. I decided to add the belt because it was defining the waist line of my skirt really well. 

Shoes/boots are a must have when you are roaming a city! Didn’t want my feet to hurt by the end of the day, so I decided to complete the look with my black sneakers.                                                                                                       When I started my blog, I promised to do a travel post soon, and then luckily this trip happened! So while I blog about my street style, I’d also share some experiences from my second favorite city in the world. Interlaken be the best always.Hence the title.

I have been to London a couple of  times, seen practically the whole of it,well almost,but never have I stayed at a place more beautiful than this. When you come back home after a happening, buzzing street-ing down the oxford lane, that’s where you wanna be! Its quite, peaceful, BEAUTIFUL, with tiny little shops and road side cafes along every lane decorated with flowers, and lights. So english.

There are departmental stores in every lane and some really nice eateries. I tried Fish n Chips’ crispy chicken and almost went into the same frenzy Edward went while tasting Bella’s blood.Random and bad analogy. Sorry not sorry.

Well that’s it for today then! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comment below to let me know what your streetstyle would be and wait for my next post where I’ll tell you all about my day and some exciting OOTDs

Until Next Time

coat : Marks and spencer skirt: A store in thailand belt : Forever 21 crop top: asos









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