shopping is my cardio #collab1

“Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness,didn’t know where to shop”

-Blair Waldorf

And that’s exactly what today’s post is about!

Hi there!

This post is quite different than my earlier ones for two major reasons.Firstly (after a lot of difficulties) Harshita and I finally managed to collaborate! yay. And we did so on something we both love ,along with perhaps every other girl on the planet.SHOPPING.

We allll love shopping but sometimes we don’t know where to shop! Or even if we do, we miss out on some really cool e-stores which have amazing stuff at such affordable prices which , by the way, brings me to my second reason. Today’s post is different and exciting because we will be reviewing two of our current favorite e stores –classic couture gallery and urban pitara.

First up, Classic couture. From catchy shades , to really chilled out night pjs , to some really chic capes and bustiers- they have it all ladies! The mirror shades with a subtle cat eye that i am donning in the photos is from their collection. I chose to wear an all black outfit to highlight their amazing bohemian neck piece which is to die for!

Harshita is wearing a beautiful printed kimono from urban pitara’ s collection. The name itself speaks for this brand! Really urban, chic , and so in trend! My personal favorites from their collection are the maxi tops, the slit sleeves top ,net levels maxi.. well i can go on!

So this is it for today ladies! I hope this post helped you add two more amazing stores to your list

Scroll down and enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed shooting them and let us know in the comments below if you would like to see more fashion reviews in the future! 



ps: go to to read her side of the story!


IMG_7032 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7049 IMG_7065 IMG_7067 IMG_7077IMG_7055

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