Denim on Denim : Final Take


How are y’all today! 

As for me, I’m most probably on a very lazy and tiring 09:00 hrs flight while you are reading this. Aaand like i mentioned in my instagram upload, this shall be my last regular theme based blog post(well at least for a few days!) So how about we make it a little unconventional eh?

If I were to choose a second caption for this post, it would definitely be fitted misfits!

Why, you ask? Well it would sound weird (and it sure as hell is:P) if I were to tell you that for my final take ,I chose to wear a denim shirt dress with my favorite (because they are soo comfortable)pair of denim jeans. Too much denim.

But but , If you add a beautifully printed scarf and a bustier to this pair of misfits, then that’s a very different story!And that’s exactly what I did here.

I almost wore my shirt dress as a denim cape along with this black sweet-heart neckline bustier. Made by scarf into a bow and voila!  I completed the look with my electric blue heels and braided my hair with a puff in the front to give the look an edge.

Also, I couldn’t resist wearing my mint mirror shades  with this outfit and once I decided to put them on , the bold red lip just HAD  to follow!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought about this idea of pairing misfits , and if you tried playing with your wardrobe in a similar fashion!

Until my upcoming daily dose of OOTD posts

Yours truly



image image image image


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