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“If you are reading this, I would love to let you know that you are drop dead gorgeous! 

– With love and in complete awe of you,

Team Lurap & I”

Every woman is beautiful. You are the only you in this world and this should make you proud!


Hello all my lovely ladies,

I hope you are feeling wonderful inside out and if for some reason you aren’t, I hope this post helps you! ❤

Gone are the days when women were stereotyped into particular body frames and/or told not to wear certain clothes because they wouldn’t ‘suit’ them! Everything suits a confident lady and to celebrate just that, Team lurap and I are hooting for you, irrespective of if you got a cute little bum or a big badass booty! *you go girl!*


Tell me if you can relate to this:

Even though the mindsets are finally changing, the market place hasn’t been able to catch up just as yet and still reserves maximum space for the regular body frame. Therefore, if you are too petite and slim ( which is beautiful ) , either  your favorite designs aren’t available  in your size because even small seems a little loose or you don’t find your favorite designs at all because you end up looking in the kids section.

Similarly if you are a plus size yummy curvy-licious lady, then that perfect dress that you saw your classmate wearing the other day still hasn’t been added to your closet because the sizes in the stores won’t fit you ( perfectly that is. sometimes the dress is too tight from the hip area, sometimes the armhole!). And after a lot of market research if you find that beautiful perfect dress that fits you like a glove and makes you look super duper hot, then it has already burned a deep hole in that Gucci wallet!

Thank god for online shopping ! phew ! right? Wait right there! What did you say? Yes, I heard you girlfriend! NO TRIAL ROOMS! The biggest risk of ordering something online is that you don’t know if what you order will actually fit you right and the margins aren’t too huge for alteration anyway 😦 AND EXCUSE ME! If we ladies are already spending a bomb buying that dress from your online portal, then we better like the quality, the design of that sleeve and it better fit us! Why should we have to spend extra energy and money? 

If you CAN relate to this , then I understand your pain soulsister, I do!  Which is why I have LURAP for our rescue!

Why I like Lurap and why I think you’ll  like it too?

  • Custom made dresses

They offer customization of any dress according to your body measurements along with Custom styling (like changing the length/ sleeves/ Neck line etc of the garment). So if you like a gown but want the neck deeper, you got it babe!


  • Plus size dresses

Lurap has a wide collection of dresses, which can be made to fit your beautiful plus size body frame. So now, you don’t have to worry about not finding your favourite design 

  • Petite size dresses

Like plus size clothing, you can pick your favourite dress and get it custom made to fit your petite frame. How cooool?  So now all your bridesmaids can pick the same dress for themselves regardless of what body type they belong to! And don’t have to worry about running to 10 different designers or shelling out a bomb in the process

  • Regular fit dresses 

I feel like the regular fit ladies ( me included haha) are feeling left out! Dont worry girls, we get to select from all these designs tooooo! and at a super duper reasonable price

  • Custom measurements . BYE BYE TRIAL ROOMS!

The best part about this online portal is that is allows you to choose from a huge range of clothing , and then asks you to fill in your body measurements to ensure the dress that reaches your doorstep fits you to perfection!


  • Reasonable pricing

Another great point about L(OVE) UR AP(PEARANCE) is that the dresses are very reasonably priced.

  • Personalised experience. THEY WILL ACT AS A TAILOR FOR YOU !

This has to hands down be my favourite feature! One can send a photograph of any dress they like anywhere and Lurap will get a similar dress custom made for you!!!!! 

I bought two dresses from LURAP and I was so so pleased with the fit, design, quality and price!

Enjoy the pictures, my loves :*

You can find the dresses here:

Red dress

Black dress












I hope this post helped you and that you are already planning to buy your bday outfit! ❤









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