Nature’s way to beautiful with TheBodyShop

                        BLOOMIN’ MARVELLOUS


    Hi loves! How are y’all doing today?

      Now, ladies you have to agree with me on this that nothing feels as good as pampering       ourselves with fragrant and 100% organic products that leaves our skin silky soft and us wanting for more! No matter how rare it is, but we can instantly feel a difference in our skin which feels so happy after a good product! And today. I am here to talk about one such beautiful range! 

So, rose water and a few other organic rose extracts have always been every woman’s favourite since time immemorial! I remember even as a kid, my mother used to ask me to use rose water for a smoother skin! And when I did, I  always craved for rose in all my other body care products too!

You know what it is better than rose water? An entire range of skin products made out of fresh rose extracts! 


 THEBODYSHOP just launched their NEW British Rose Range, a brilliantly British interpretation of a timeless icon of femininity. Grown for TheBodyShop at an enviromental award winning farm in the heart of the English countryside, their roses are hand picked, air dried, and infused on site into fresh mountain water which makes for its exceptional quality. 

Let me take you through a 3- step procedure to  a healthy glowing skin!


The gel texture with real rose petals effortlessly melts onto the surface of the body and gently refines it to reveal smoother, fresher skin! I have personally tried it, and my favourite part is that the scrub particles are just the right size which is why it doesn’t feel too harsh on application yet removes all the dead skin cells!

MRP: Rs 1295


British Rose Shower Gel

It feels soft on the skin, leaves it super fragrant and fresh after application. Just what you need after a healthy exfoliating process with British Rose scrub!

250 ml MRP: Rs 450



Now TheBodyShop is famous for its body butter! Come on, I don’t think anybody can second guess that! This velvety soft moisturizer feels light whilst being light in texture! It will leave you with a glow and a subtle scent! Just perfect for normal to dry skin.


MRP : Rs 1295

This simple 3- step process has become a part of my daily routine and it feels so good. Try it, because I am sure you will feel the difference just like me!

Let me know if you do !

Stay Beautiful ❤





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