Not ready to say goodbye to summer just as yet but welcoming fall already

That’s exactly how I feel as I sit down to write this post for my super awesome internet fam! ❤

For those of you who know me, I am a summer baby! Beaches and oceans and pleasant breeze…. yaaa THAT is my thing. But alas nothing lasts forever! 😦 The dreadful Delhi winters are on their way!!! Sooo i decided, with a very heavy heart, to bid farewell to summers and welcome fall with a quick OOTD post for y’all!

I chose leopard, tan brown and black as my fall colors and decided to use my romper for the last time </3 before furs and coats and jackets push it to the back of my wardrobe, paired it with my chocolate brown coat and the classic flared- black hat and tadaaaa! I hope y’all enjoy the pictures :*

ps: In other news, the wedding lookbook that I was so excited about might not be happening anymore , because my corrupt memory card is most probably not retrievable!!! I have cried about this a lot already, but then again, if autumn is here can spring be far behind? 🙂



fall fall3fall4fall2fall1fall5


6 thoughts on “HELLO FALL!!

  1. Hey, you are a good writer. I have heard so many things regarding delhi pollution specifically air. I am in San Jose California and from Gujarat. Can you write something about the current situation.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi! Thankyou so much. Well to be very honest, delhi pollution levels are alarmingly high and being a resident , I am very concerned and scared about it. Since this is a personal style blog, incorporating an environmental issue will be challenging but I’ll definitely try to come up with something that can make people conscious and at the same time , the content entertaining


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