CLARINS : Beautiful in your body, Happy in your life!

“Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in! “

There’s nothing better than feeling beautiful on the inside, but there’s no harm in admitting to the sheer amount of bliss one gets from feeling beautiful on the outside.

And that is why I love to endorse beauty products! They don’t only hide/correct your imperfections (everybody is flawed in their own beautiful way) but they also enhance your perfections.Speaking of beauty today, I’d like to proudly put in front of y’all, the fabulous new UV PLUS ANTI-POLLUTION SPF 50 cream, a product of CLARINS- A brand that needs no introduction.

A french luxury cosmetics company known for manufacturing high – quality, extremely effective skincare, makeup and fragrance products , CLARINS has stood by it’s reputation once again!

A lot of you might not know this, but I have really sensitive skin, so much so that I get a rash almost 5 mins into being exposed to the harsh sun rays. So naturally, I was really hesitant in trying anything alien on my skin. However, my gut (more so my luck ,you’ll know why! Just read on) led me to pack this UV cream, which is available in 3 shades , into my makeup bag.

I was enjoying , along with the rest of London, the beautiful sun that shone after almost 2 days of chilly winds, but my happiness was short-lived because on the very first hot day, my skin got a rash. (UV protection is so important! ) Luckily that day I visited the Miss Selfridge store on Marble arch and came across the Clarins store. Since I had already met the brilliant Indian team , I was excited to speak to the London one. And they made me realize the strength of the product in my bag. That night itself, I applied the CLARINS Smoothing Brightening Night Cream and the next morning, after thoroughly washing my face , applied the CLARINS Brightening Hydrating Emulsion followed by the CLARINS UV PLUS Anti-Pollution . I did this for about 12-13 days and believe me when I say this, not only did the skin rash go, but my skin felt so much better- smoother, brighter , healthier! This happened because this cream protects the skin from UVA rays (which cause tanning) and UVB rays( which cause sunburns).




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The sunscreen that I was using before was really sticky and it felt worse on my skin because it’s really oily, but this cream has matte finish and is so light weighted that I almost didn’t feel like it was on.Also, I used to apply the morning cream along with the UV PLUS Anti-Pollution cream every morning, and since I was touring the city , I got home after 7-8 hours but none of that worried me because this cream protected my skin up to 9-10 hours!

I know it is tough to take someone else’s word for it, but it’s my personal experience how better the condition of the skin becomes after using these products. Especially if you live in one of the most polluted cities in the world,like me, this 3-step beauty routine must become a compulsory part of your daily life. So go ahead , try them for yourself and see the difference!

I hope this review would help all you people, especially the ones with sensitive skin like me!

Until Next Time

Stay Beautiful xx

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