Cambridge #londonstreetstyle Day5

Yesterday was beyond adventurous. Have you ever tried exploring a new city on foot with only a photo of the city map(no google directions also ,alright?) in your phone and no clue at all? And a city where, LITERALLY, it rains one second and then is sunny almost immediately and then rains again the next second. It’s superb!

A very ecstatic hello frommmmmm


~The university city on the River Cam , about 40-50 miles north of London.This, a lot of people know.What a lot of people (and by that I mean me) don’t know is that this little trip from London to Cambridge is going to bring back a lot of your harry potter memories.I had never imagined writing about something like this ever because well, in the whole Harry potter vs twilight battle, I am team twilight!:p

How the memories, you ask? The journey from london to Cambridge looks something like this:

London —>King’s cross station—->Cambridge

I am sure all the harry potter fans already know it , but for my fellow not-so-aware friends (welcome to the club) Harry apparently catches the train to hogwarts at king’s cross station.The famous scene where inside the glass-roofed train station, hagrid gives harry a train ticket to platform 9 3/4.Well guess what? I found the station!


The Christ church college in Cambridge inspired two film sets familiar to potter fans,one of them being in the sorcerer’s stone, where the kids are ferried to hogwarts and then ascend a stone staircase that leads into the Great Hall with the weightless candles and flames.




It was such a different and thrilling experience for me that I really wanted to post a video of my punting (boating) adventure down below to show you how this beautiful little city is! However it started raining , so I couldn’t take my phone out (good for me because I enjoyed the view).I guess I will have to do with a youtube link.

Alright then, back to basics! What I wore to Cambridge.

Like I mentioned in my instagram post, I have almost exhausted my entire travel wardrobe and like I promised, my OOTDs will now show you how to make an outfit look completely different with almost the same clothing pieces. For yesterday, I chose the same asos bustier that I wore on the first day of my trip, along with the same black coat. Just  this time, i teamed these up with black plazzos and a black hat. Even my footwear is the same . 

All-black almost always needs a red lip to enhance the look. That’s what I went with too.I wore my full glam lashes which enhanced my bold eyeliner almost perfectly. Since my makeup was bold , I chose to keep all the accessories close to zero, the exception being my midi rings.





It’s always a hassle between trying to pack light vs trying to pack stylish. I literally just switched one piece of clothing in this look and it turned out to be completely different! Let me know in the comments below if you have any queries and hit like if you found this place and this look interesting!



youtube link : 

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