Make the most of this #CKMINUTE

“A watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary!”

023-Calvin Klein-PC

Hi loves ❤

How have you all been ? I am sorry for being MIA on the blog; things have been really busy ( and messy TBH).Well, it’s a good thing I have a few back to back posts lined up for y’all!

Today I am going to talk to you guys about watches and some stunning jewellery- valuable additions to any girl’s wardrobe, you’d agree with me! For me, a good time piece or a chic pendant can take my look from a 7 to a sure shot 9! Which is why I cannot wait to share with y’all Calvin Klein SS16 collection!

015-Calvin Klein-PC

The pieces scream elegance, yet will catch your eye from a distance. I picked some of my favorite ultra glam, sleek watches from the collection for you guys to have a peek at. A lot of pieces in this collection are rose gold, which is my absolute favorite color this season! A good thing about this is that we can pull these watches off with an informal look, a formal meeting , or an indian attire!( Did someone say jackpot?!)

057-Calvin Klein-PC035-Calvin Klein-PC048-Calvin Klein-PC033-Calvin Klein-PC

There are some funky colored pieces too for the quirky ones! The dials are so intricate and to die for!


All-in-all CK delivers, yet again! And you must get your hands on this collection like pretttaaay soon!

I shall let the pictures do rest of the talking! Scroll down below to catch glimpses of the fun evening with my blogger clan and to find out what CK gifted me ❤

Love ❤


027-Calvin Klein-PCIMG_6526zckbIMG_6458z018-Calvin Klein-PC

031-Calvin Klein-PC
Thankyou CK and bloggers’mind for this breath taking piece! I love it

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