Miami’s calling you and your bffs!- with Vogue eyewear

vogueWant to forget all your worries, get a tan, fall in love and create memories?
LEAVE everything that you’re doing right now for a second and allow me to take you through this dream vacation we all crave for!
Imagine waking up next to 3 of your best friends, comfortably curled up on a bed in an oh-so luxurious villa of your own, with the pleasant ocean breeze and a breathtaking view to welcome your mornings!
As you walk down the stairs in your favorite robe, you see a lavish breakfast table with all your favorite delicacies set before you, brought to you by your very own private chef!
Bring out the Carrie Bradshaw in you and get a chance to have ‘a sex in the city moment’ as you and your girlfriends glam up, put on those stylish sunnies and that oh-so sexy beach wear and set foot in the magnificent city of Miami embraced by the sun! SHOP,EAT,TRAVEL,EXPLORE as and when you like in your private chauffeur driven car!

Leave all your worries behind when you put on that charisma and tour exotic locations, or relax your body and soul with champagne by the calm pool or as you soak in the shining sun at the Miami beach, and feel the ocean air slip through your salty hair as you cruise along the sea in your private boat or when you enjoy Miami’s famous nightlife in your favorite dress – your itinerary will be filled with things to do!!


I surely took more than a second to take you through this dream world and I am sure you were as lost in the beauty of it as me. Now what if I told you, it’s not a dream anymore?

YES!! I am so thrilled to tell you that VOGUE EYEWEAR SUMMER HOUSE MIAMI CONTEST  is here to make your dream vacay come true and that too in a super easy and quick way!!

All you have to do is this:

  • Click on THIS LINK
  • Clear a bunch of tasks online
  • Score good on style miles

If your score is better than the rest , you and your girlies might just get lucky and  get set to hop on to the ride of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Click on THIS LINK , register and get started for a chance to win an ALL PAID week long vacation of fashion,food,travel,beaches,nightlife and so much more in MIAMI baby!

let me know if you have any queries in the comments below and I’d be happy to answer them for you!!



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