Denim on Denim #Take 1.0

“I believe in manicures.I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.I believe that tomorrow is another day and ..I believe in miracles”                                                                                             Audrey Hepburn 

Hello there! How are y’all today! Delhi weather is so amazing right now and the post that i am writing feels just so apt.Happy child. I have been wanting to do a “Denim on Denim” for some time now,and right before the shoot ,this quote by the queen herself,Audrey Hepburn caught my eye and in that second I knew I wanted my first take on this look to be funky, girly, cute and everything pink. (You’ll see what I mean, just wait for the photos:p) So I teamed up a denim shirt with my favorite ripped denim shorts and jazzed it up with a hot pink hairband,collared pink neck piece and a bow hook.The pink aztec shoes that I’m wearing is a Do-It-Yourselfer by yours truly .I didn’t go overboard with the hair and makeup. Sometimes, simple is better.You don’t always feel like dolling up.So well.. There you go! A simple and chilled out denim on denim that is sure to attract eyeballs! Details:

  •  Denim outfit :GK m block
  • On my nails: color shadow in wine-and-forever , maybelline
  • On my lips : Rosy lip balm, Nivea








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