My updated Skincare regime | New skin products I am swearing by | FOREO LUNA mini 2 review

Hi guys,

I have always stressed the importance of skincare especially as you age and given the polluted environment we live in.

It becomes mandatory to go the extra mile to make sure all the dirt, oil and pollution your face is exposed to during the entire day is removed effectively for a clear, glowing & breathable skin.


As you all are aware of my 45 days skin challenge, I consciously took an effort to explore products, and see the effects of it on my skin, before I went ahead and recommended the same to you. A lot of monetary and dedicated indulgence has indeed shown me great results.


Here’s a snapshot of my activities, to help you all understand the patience and time required to better your skin’s external health.


Some of my current updated skincare essentials; all the products I use, where you can buy them and why I swear by them.

My skincare regime involves 5 essential items:

One of the most important decisions in achieving a health skin is getting your cleansing right.

My cleansing routine involves two products that make sure my skin doesn’t break out and remains soft and bright.

The first is my facewash, which suits my acne prone, sensitive skin. I use Himalaya Neem facewash. It’s a drugstore product so it’s available at all pharmacies near you.

Very affordable on the pocket and works great on my skin.


The second product that I use in combination to my facewash is my cleansing device. This is a new addition to my regime and I can already vouch for it. It’s the FOREO LUNA Mini 2. (A very honest recommendation)

What is FOREO LUNA mini 2?

It’s a cleansing device that you use to deep cleanse your face.

LUNA mini 2, offers gentle yet effective cleansing

LUNA mini 2, offers gentle yet effective cleansing

Why do you need an extra Face Cleansing Brush?

Why is that necessary is because you don’t use your hands to clean your teeth, do you? You use a brush because that is most effective in getting rid of all the germs. Similarly, a cleansing brush for your face with it’s bristles, gets into the pores of your skin and  helps in the removal of oil, dirt and impurities from your skin, thereby making your skin feel a lot more smoother, and clearer. (Tried and Tested)

The LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced face brush with eight adjustable intensities for pulsation to suit your comfort. It is optimized for all skin types and comes in six exciting colors.

Where you can you buy it?

Its available online at and at Sephora

Why do I think it’s effective?


●    As an influencer, a major part of my day involves shooting out in the sun, through dust and pollution. With an acne prone skin, clubbed with excessive usage of make up; my skin was definitely feeling the impact of my lifestyle. When I first used  LUNA mini 2, I instantly felt a change in my skins texture.

●    Makeup is an essential part of my daily routine: The biggest pain for me was to remove it. While I definitely use  micellar water, wipes and a face wash, an addition to the routine with the LUNA mini 2 has helped me and my skin, with the whole issue of makeup residue.

●    Since it’s a cleansing brush, it exfoliates and deep cleanses my skin every time I use it leaving it softer after each wash.

●    You don’t need an elaborate skincare regime since this product, coupled with your facewash and moisturizer, provides all the necessary treatment for your skin. You technically just need to dedicate 1 minute to your skin with this.

Facial cleansing with spa like massage, in just 1 minute

Facial cleansing with spa like massage, in just 1 minute


●     The best part is it is easy to wash & is absolutely hygienic. The silicone bristles, unlike the nylon one’s do not support bacteria build-up, hence making it absolutely friendly and lucrative for your skin.

It doesn’t absorb any bacteria. Stays really clean and dries up fast!

It doesn’t absorb any bacteria. Stays really clean and dries up fast!


●    It’s very travel friendly since it comes in a cute pocket size frame. So, no hassles in terms of carrying your whole stash around. Just one face wash & the LUNA mini 2 on most occasions work just fine!



The bristles are super soft so it is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation/ blemish. Tried and tested, as I have extremely sensitive skin

Use the LUNA mini 2 in circular motions on both sides of your cheek for 30 seconds

Use the LUNA mini 2 in circular motions on both sides of your cheek for 30 seconds


●    After a hectic day of work, it literally feels like you are getting a face massage, so you can relax and unwind with this product hehe!


How is it priced at?

It’s priced a little steep at $139 but it’s value for money since they offer you a quality guarantee for 10 years- that’s less than $14 a year!!!!


Next steps in my Skin care routine:

Once you get your cleansing right, the next step is to moisturise and close your open pores.

The third skincare essential I believe in for this purpose is a toner.

Toners help in giving you a flawless, pore-less skin that serves as a great base for your makeup!


I use Faceshops’s chia seed toner. It’s available on Again, very gentle on the skin and very effective in serving its purpose.


The fourth skincare essential in my regime is a sunscreen. Needless to say, protecting your skin from the harmful rays goes a long way in a clear, glowing skin. I use a dermatologically recommended sunscreen called Raviguard. It’s very affordable and available at most pharmacies. It’s so effective that women who go through pigmentation due to excess sun exposure are recommended this product.


The last product in my skincare regime is an acne ointment. Avoiding a breakout is a little difficult in India since the pollution levels are really high so keeping a quick fix is a must! I swear by Sebaguard which doesn’t cause any irritation, itching or blemishes. Again, available at any one of pharmacies near you.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my skincare regime! Even though each skin is different and what works for me might not work for you, these essentials are believed to be good for all skin types!

Happy skin days!