Lip fillers | Get fuller plump lips within 15 min | Designer lips this festive season?

Fuller lips became a rage with Angelina Jolie and only got bigger with the Kardashians and Jenners.

Whether you choose to try something new and glamorous or decide to go in for a subtle beauty look, it’s time to let your lips do all the talking;) With weddings, Christmas and the New Year parties right in front of us, it’s fair to be tempted to want the perfect pout!

I visited Dr K.M Kapoor, a globally accepted and India’s most sought after trainer for facial anatomy, in his clinic in Chandigarh and said something that stuck with me. He said,” Lips are your only exposed sexual organ so make sure you flaunt it well!”

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A woman with beautifully plump, full lips definitely looks hella attractive and there is no shame in wanting to get that look if you don’t have fuller lips naturally.

If you are planning to get lip fillers done, then here’s everything you need to know about them: Lip fillers near you, how much do lip fillers cost, are lip fillers safe, how long do lip fillers last, are they painful etc.

What does a lip filler procedure involve?

A lip filler procedure involves injecting fillers in your lips to give them a fuller look. Dr KM Kapoor taught us that there are about 20 points in your lips which are carefully injected to get a beautifully shaped and full lip that suits your face. The procedure usually lasts for about 15-20 mins.



Are lip fillers painful?

I understand how the idea of injecting a needle in your lips sounds painful, but I personally saw a lip filling procedure and the client didn't feel any pain. To begin with, they apply a numbing cream on your lips. The fillers that they inject also have a numbing agent to make sure it doesn’t pain.

Are lip fillers safe?

Lip fillers is an absolutely safe procedure with no side effects. Nothing is going inside your body, just your lip glands.

What happens during a consultation for lip fillers?

During a consultation, the expert looks at your lip and face ratio and advises the amount of fillers that will suit your face to make sure they look fuller yet natural.

How do they look and feel the next day?

They feel absolutely normal the very next day without any soreness. The lips feel natural tissue like and not artificial and rubbery.

How long do lip fillers last?

They last anywhere between 9 months to a year.

Lip fillers and pregnancy?

Even though it’s safe, Doctors don’t advice pregnant women undergoing the same.

Lip fillers and kissing?

Since there is hardly any soreness, you can kiss the very same day as well.

lip fillers near you?

The most important thing that can make or break your lip filling procedure is the hands you are in. It is utmost important to get filler done from an expert who doesn’t just make your lips look like a swollen blob but gives it a beautiful shape and filling best suited for your face. Since, I have personally witnessed Dr K.M Kapoor at work, I would highly highly highly recommend him.

He works out of Chandigarh in his clinic Anticlock.

He also operates in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and conducts workshops in Thailand, South Africa, China,Indonesia, Singapore too.

How much do lip fillers cost?

If you get it done from him, it’ll cost Rs 35,000 per syringe.

Well I want to flaunt my new Kylie lipstick on fuller plump lips haha!

If you do too, you know where to go ;)