Summer has officially begun and I know this heat makes you want to run to Goa( I don’t blame you, I feel the same way!) And in all honesty, now more than ever because my last trip to Goa was hands down my most memorable one.


So today I woke up thinking of penning down this amazing experience for you all, how I met Sachin Tendulkar, how I went off roading for the first time in my life and how crazy that experience was ( All thanks to Apollo Tyres!) and the spectacular end to the trip with some amazing artists playing for us at a beach sundowner.


Let’s start from the top, shall we?


What was the event?

Apollo Tyres started an initiative of creating a platform for people of all ages who LOVE adventure and love off-roading. You know how everyone wants a break from their routine life, be it a corporate job or college (If you just said you want that break every weekend, we are soul sisters!) and this was a never seen before experience curated specially for this reason: to let you celebrate your fun side!


They developed special (very safe yet still super adventurous) terrains for us to go off-roading. I have never been off roading but I wasn’t scared one bit! The very reliable Apollo Tyres specially designed for off roading and suited for all such terrains were fitted in each car we were riding in and all of us had a riding “buddy”.. yes A BAD ROAD BUDDY, as we called ourselves.


There were two people in one car: A pillion (in my case, an over excited blogger but we had people from everywhere: fitness, lifestyle, photography!) and a rider (a trained off-roader and there were close to 50 cars!!!

We road in packs and we road some really off-beat roads and through some beautiful landscapes.


Day 1:

Delhi --- Goa

Day 1 was about making friends from all over the country! We checked into Taj Panjim in the afternoon and post lunch, the Apollo team briefed us about the safety instructions to follow the next day when the journey was scheduled to begin.



Day 2:

Goa--- Dandeli

Now this is where everything got super cool !! (except for my face because we had to wake up at 5 in the morning)

We had to ride from Goa to Dandeli where the off roading experience was lined up. My “BAD ROAD BUDDY” was the sweetest person ever! His name was Deepak and he was from Bangalore. We listened to music and saw some picture- perfect landscapes!! Deepak was also very kind and patient with my blogger self and helped me get a picture or two for you guys! ( Okay, in all honesty a couple of pictures.. a couple of hundred pictures.. but it was all cool)

 We reached Dandeli and oh my god guys, I had so much fun off-roading!!! It only got better when we drove up to see the most beautiful sunset EVER!!! And you guys know how much I love sunsets!!! They had some delish snacks lined up for us which made it even better.


But you know what made my day? We were all tired by the end of it, naturally so, and we were driving back to our hotel. It was pitch dark, the middle of a pristine forest area and our rider stopped suddenly.


I was very scared to be honest because it was pitch dark and by now my head had started to hurt a little and all he asked me to do was look out the window.

A SKY LIT WITH STARS. I was numb for a second. It wasn’t a sky full of stars.. It was a sky swallowed by them where I could barely see the dark empty spaces. Twinkling stars and a million of them atleast .. and the moon! All my fatique, all my headache vanished in a second!


Apollo had lined up some great food and drinks to celebrate the success of day 1 and to get us ready for day 2 because DAY 2 was the time we were set to meet Sachin Tendulkar!!!


Day 3

Dandeli--- Quepem


The most exciting day was here! Sachin Tendulakar had come on board with Apollo Tyres because not only does he believe in the brand but he loves off roading too! And we as bloggers had the golden chance to meet him at Quepem where he was going to off road with us, interact with us and tell us why he trusts Apollo Tyres for off roading. What we didn’t know was that he was also going to join us later in the evening to celebrate the success of this incredible trip at a grand beach sundowner!!!

We got that news at 4 in the morning when our journey began (my inner self must have done at least a 100 cartwheels) and needless to say we were too excited to get to Quepem.

The hype was all worth it because when we got there, we had 4 different off-roading tracks made for us to experience AND soon after we saw Sachin Tendulkar make a grand appearance when he off-roaded right in front of us through an impossible obstacle to cross!!!




After such an eventful afternoon, all we needed to end such a beautiful experience was the beach!!!  {what’s Goa without sand in my feet and salt in my hair Instagram captions right;)}


 The entire Apollo team had organized an extravagant beach party for us at Cidade Goa, where we saw the most breath taking sunset, we danced to the music of Parikrama LIVE, yes live.. all this with the legend, Sachin Tendulkar, amongst us.




It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I think I can safely say that Apollo has officially transformed me into celebrating my adventurous side more!!