You need to read this especially if you are low | How to shift your energy when you are negative or sad

It's funny that in a minute from now, I am going to talk to you about shifting your energy from negative to positive, from being sad or low about something to being happy and grateful about other things. It's funny because I woke up this morning feeling extremely sad about a couple of things. Work, personal life.. almost everything actually.

And I hadn't written to you guys in a while. So let's do this exercise together.

If you are low, if you are doubting yourself, if you aren't happy about your work, or you are upset with someone in your personal/ professional life,  it's about to change. It is so important to shift your energy when you are vibrating at such low frequencies if you want good to come to you. I have no filter as I pen down this blog because I am practically blabbering right now but I think not only will this rant help me calm down but hopefully some of you as well. We all have sad days, the worst part is there are days we can't even pin point the exact reason for our bad/ angry mood. On other days we can , of point something or someone for spoiling our energy.


I was talking to a really good friend today morning about how the Universe is just so giving and mirrors everything you think of. So let me tell you this because it is coming from personal experience: If you think negatively about someone, or about yourself or about your work, you will attract more reasons to be negative about those things. It's called the law of attraction.

If someone has upset you over something and if your mind starts to think about other wrong doings that person has done to you, the universe will make sure it gives you more reasons to be disappointed in that person. If you think negatively about your work or self doubt, the universe will put you in more circumstances to doubt yourself.

I woke up today feeling all of these negative things. I wasn't feeling very happy about my work because I didn't feel a positive, productive synergy with my team. I wasn't feeling happy on the personal front either.

And I had two choices: I could either just be sad and crib the whole day or get up and shift my energy. And the best way to do that is to focus on the good things. Whenever you are sad about anything or angry at anyone, focus on the things you love.


Let's do this together:

If you are feeling lost in your career or you aren't happy about something at work, make a list of things you love about your work and say it out loud, how very grateful you are about those things. As for me, I am going to do the same.

  • I am grateful that I met such a talented set of individuals who wanted to work just with me.
  • I am grateful that I can now call them my team
  • I am grateful that I have the money to afford a team
  • I am grateful for the content we create and extremely grateful that all brands and agencies love what we do
  • I am extremely grateful for the immense love that I get from my audience.

Once you have made that list, re read it and say thank you, thank you, thank you out loud. AND FEEL IT.

Aah, one step closer to feeling better.


Okay, now let's do this exercise if you aren't very happy with something in your personal life. When someone, anyone upsets you, make a list of things you LOVE about them and think for reasons why you can thank the universe for them. You will instantly forget why they made you mad and this exercise will leave you feeling happy and loved. 

  • I am grateful for having found someone I can easily say I love because not everyone is lucky enough to find the right people at the right time
  • I am grateful for this person because I can share anything with them
  • I am grateful for this person because they make me more happy than sad
  • I have had the time of my life with this person. I am grateful that I really enjoy them being around because not everyone can find such a comfortable company
  • In a world where the definition of love is pretty damn distorted, I am grateful for the security, loyalty , passion and love that I feel.

Again, once you have made your list, re read it and say thank you out loud thrice.

I don't know about you but as we are nearing the end of this article, I feel so much better. I read about this exercise last year and it completely changed my outlook on things. Nothing in life should make you sad and if it does, then there is always a way out of it. 

Don't dwell on the negative but give your mood a chance to focus on the positive.

Love fiercely xx