My Weekend Getaway Trip to Manesar with Amaron

I have heard a lot of people say your 20s is about making crazy plans when you feel like it without a care in the world! And they said it right.

The past two days were undoubtedly one of the best days of 2018 for me.

Hi, my loves!

It’s been a while since I sat to pen down a personal story on the blog for you guys, and I am so excited to be sharing this one with you. This weekend I took an impromptu trip to Manesar with some of my oldest friends.

You guys must be aware of how I get really occupied with shoots and events and barely get time to meet my friends for weeks. It was one of those days where I just wanted to be around my people, with my phone turned off and a long new road to explore. And what better excuse to do just that than one of my friend turning 25!

“Hey! Let’s make a fresh memory”, I said at 12:03 if I remember vividly.

“Road trip?”, she replied ecstatically.



And there we were, girls being girls, packing our outfits for the trip due tomorrow. While we were busy being our 16-year-old selves again, our guy friends were worried about the journey being comfortable and smooth. I must confess guys, the only reason we managed to make this impromptu plan was because we weren’t worried about our commutation since our car had Amaron battery which lasts long. It’s so important to have a trustworthy automobile battery for a smooth road trip!



We checked into Heritage, Manesar on our way when we stopped to grab a fantastic breakfast on a random highway dhaba. Our road trip was made even better with endless conversations, laughter coupled with Ed Sheeran songs playing in the background as we opened our car windows to take in some fresh breeze.

I love to explore and vibe with every place I visit and so before any trip; I always have my “must visit places” list in my bag even before my sunglasses! The distance wasn’t an issue since we had our car. Again, really glad that my friend had installed Amaron battery because not only does it last longer, it also has zero maintenance and the most extended warranty available at present. It made it super easy for us to explore the city.

The first day we had rest it out and then headed straight to Camp Mustang, which is basically an adventure camp. I had the best time doing outdoor wall climbing and air rifle shooting. Then we drove to Flyboy Air Safari and oh my god you guys, what an experience! We ended the day with a nice dinner to call in our friend’s birthday.

The next day we headed to Lohagarh Farms where we jumped on the trampoline, had Rajasthani food, and ended our day dancing with local people on their traditional songs. It was a much-needed break and we were so glad we took.

I am on my way back to Delhi as I write this down for you guys and my system is filled with some of the best 2018 memories! Well, that and Tequila haha! Enjoy the pictures x


About Amaron:

Amaron is one of India's largest selling automative batteries. The brand claims to be the only battery that contains the patented Silven X alloy. And that's what gives it the power to last really long.