Himalaya personal care winter range review 2018

Winter is here and with it is dry skin. I am someone who really believes in moisturising and making sure that my skin is always hydrated! It makes all the difference, believe me. Dry skin(Face and body) results in patchiness, irritation and blemishes and in my case, I even get breakouts.

Hence, it is extremely important to make sure that one has the right lotions for the face and body.

Himalaya personal care has come out with their winter care range which consists of body lotions and lip care and I am going to take you guys through it today.

I am going to talk to you about my top 3 products from this range and why I think they are good.


  1. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream

    Now I have tried a lot of body creams and body butters and this one has to be one of my favourites. Ask me why? Because during extreme cold conditions, my skin tends to dry even after I apply a body cream. So my skin absorbs the cream really quickly and an hour or two later, it starts to feel de hydrated again.

    This cream however is so thick in its consistency that it eliminates dryness AND dullness for a very long time, leaving my skin healthy and radiant. It is thick but non greasy and contains 100% herbal actives. it retails at Rs 255 for 200ml.


2. Himalaya’s Nourishing body Lotion

Thinner in consistency than the body cream, this lotion feels super soft and light on the skin. It’s main ingredients are Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry, both of which make sure that the skin is hydrated throughout the day.

It retails at the following prices:

Rs 255 for 400 ml

Rs 130 for 200ml

Rs 75 for 100 ml

3. Strawberry Shine Lip Care

My most favourite pick from this range has to be the strawberry shine lip balm. The moisture retention formula of this balm makes sure that your lips are moisturised. The natural tint that it leaves looks absolutely beautiful giving your lips a natural, glossy look.

One of the few lip balms I know that has 100% natural color, vitamin E and antioxidants to prevent your lips from environmental damage.

It is available in 4.5gms and is priced at Rs 150.


All in all, the Himalaya winter care range is very easy on the pocket like all their products, definitely natural and preservative free which make them very easy and effective on the skin