A tried and tested secret of getting clear and glowing skin naturally

Acne free skin is every girl’s dream but I understand how difficult it is to get rid of pimples and have a naturally glowing skin that doesn’t need makeup.


There is a lot of medication available in the market today for how to get rid of pimples but believe it or not, they always have minor and sometimes major side effects. If you notice for eg, most of the acne medicines cannot be consumed if you’re pregnant or want to conceive.


Hence, opting for natural ways to get a clear and glowing skin is the right thing to do.



I am sure you guys have grown up hearing about “Hamdard Safi” as the most natural way of getting rid of pimples because it helps in purifying your blood which then naturally shows up on the skin.

About 2-3 years ago, I was suffering from a serious acne skin issue and I didn’t want to consult a dermatologist because I was too skeptical to try alien medicines.

I was recommended Safi and I vividly remember taking those two spoons each day with a glass of water for a week and trust me when I say this, I saw a visible difference on my skin.

My mom recommends I have Hamdard Safi even today for it helps not only in getting an acne free clear skin but also gets you a nice glow.


Here is why Safi works as a great natural pimple fighting treatment

 It is made of 28 essential herbal extracts including some really vital ones like:

  •  SANA

Keeps stomach clear and helps prevent skin problems


Purifies blood, improves liver function and promoted cell repair.

  • NEEM

Purifies blood and cures almost every skin disease


Improves blood circulation and helps in getting a glowing skin


So basically, this product tries to address every internal cause of these breakouts, cures them, strengthens your body internally which then shows up on the outside in the form of a healthy skin.

The 100 ml bottle retails for only Rs 55 which makes this not only an effective but economical purchase as well. It’s portable and travel friendly, all thanks to its plastic bottle packaging.

If you wish to purchase Humdard Safi, it’s available easily at practically all medical stores.


Hope you guys found this useful. It’s 2018!!!! I hope you had a great celebration and that the rest of the year turns out to be as glowing as your skin!