Product review: Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer For Women

Let's be real- waxing is painful! And despite the fact that we have been getting it done since we were kids, it still pains. Just the same. What makes it an even bigger task is that sometimes, and for some of you like me who have a hard time juggling between work and personal life, most of the times we don't find the time to make a trip to the salon. Oh and, don't even get me started on getting hair removed during winters. Argh!

We all are aware of Veet as a popular choice amongst ladies for a quick and easy alternative to waxing. The famous global hair removal brand is known for being sensitive to such beauty needs of women while still being easy on the pocket.



They have a new product in the market which is the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer for Women and this article will take you through everything you need to know about this Veet launch.


What is it?

Like the name suggests, the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer is an easy and precise hair removal product for all the sensitive areas of your body i.e underarms, upper lips, eyebrows, side burns and the bikini area.

The product comes in a cute beauty pouch which contains the following:

  • The trimmer body
  • a small head to be used for more precise, smaller areas like the eyebrows, upper lips and sideburns
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  • a large head to be used for underarms and bikini line where the hair growth is harder than the above areas
  • cleaning brush
  • combs to even out the hair length before trimming
  • battery 

How to use it?

For upper lips, eyebrows and sideburns:

- Attach the small trimmer head along with the comb and place it near the desired area.

- Move the trimmer in the opposite direction of your hair growth. So for e.g.: Around your eyebrow bone, where your hair growth is in the downward direction, move the trimmer in the upward direction. The technique is the same as that of a razor so it's pretty simple. 

- the comb evens out your hair and the small trimmer claims to precisely shape your eyebrows.

- The small head is adjustable which makes the shaping of the eyebrows easy and precise.

Veet trimmer review
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For bikini line and underarms:

Repeat the same process, just this time use the larger head.

I tried it for my underarms and realised that the blades don't touch the skin exactly. Which means the biggest scare of getting a cut while using a trimmer or a razor is no longer there.

What it claims/ Benefits?

  • QUICK & GENTLE: The Veet Sensitive Touch Expert easily removes any unwanted hair in one go with no fear of cuts.
  • HIGH PRECISION: dedicated accessories to get precise shaping and styling
  • Versatile: Can be used For Eyebrows, Upper lips , Side burns, Chin , Bikini , underarms
  • Compact Design to take it with you everywhere for quick touch-ups on the go
  • Adjustable head for easy eyebrow shaping
  • Water proof – Can be used in the shower.


Where can you buy it?

  • It is a best seller on Amazon and retails for Rs 2499. Click here to buy.
  • There are deals for the day sometimes where you can find amazing discounts on the product.



Do I think you should buy the product?

Definitely seems painless. I, for one, hate threading and waxing because I find it extremely painful. This product says it won't leave a cut because the blades don't really touch the skin which is my only concern when it comes to using trimmers.

The multiple detachable heads are a great thing because it makes the product extremely travel friendly for me when I am on the go. 

I attended a beauty workshop last year where a lot of girls asked the speaker if they could use a razor for their bikini line because waxing was too painful. And the speaker was sceptic. I, however definitely say a no! I have tried it and a razor isn't suitable for your bikini area because your hair growth down there is harder than your arms and legs. In such scenarios, a trimmer seems like a pretty good bet to me as an alternative to waxing.

Such products come in really handy on days when you are too lazy to go to a salon or for me personally when I am on my period and waxing is just not an option, or when you are travelling for long days and your hair grows back after a few days on the trip.

Let us know what you think about the product!