DIY: Quick and effective homemade recipes for a flawless skin

Getting a flawless skin is a task and we understand that. Which is why our beauty expert, Mehak Thappar, is here to suggest some very effective DIY homemade recipes to get a flawless, glowing skin at home.

There are various flawless skin tips and secrets you may have heard of before, but there is nothing like the tips for a glowing skin as offered by your grandma, says Mehak.

Here are some quick and effective homemade recipes for a flawless skin:

1. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water

A well known fact is ourbodyis 70 % water so naturally drinking a lot of water keeps us hydrated and helps us achieve glowing skin. A healthy diet is an effective way to getting a make up free, clear skin.

2. Home made masks to ged rid of dark circles

Dark circles are a girl's worst nightmare but can we ever get rid of stress...and Netflix, Can we now?:p

For this you needtoprepare 2 packs and this would be most effectiveat bedtime.  
All you need: aloe Vera gel , honey, potatowater, cucumber water(for the first step)
Rose water (for the second step).
Preparea mixture of all the productsgiven for step one and apply it under youreyes for about 20-30 minutesand thenwash it off with cold water. For the secondstep gentlymassage rose water underyour eyes and keepit overnight.  Within few days you will see the results. 

3. Home made mask for a glowing skin

What you'll need:

  • 6 Spoon Fresh cucumber juice
  • 2 Spoon Aloe vera gel
  • vitamin E capsule – 2
  • 3 Spoon Rose water
  • 1 spoon olive oil.
  • A spray bottle

Preparea serum of all the products and store it in a spray bottle . Before going tobed spray the serum and massage it for 2 minutes and next morningwash yourface. And Ta -da! In a few days you will see the visible results.

4. Home made mask for an acne free skin

A facemask made of yogurt, turmeric and lemon will help you fight acne and get a clear, flawless skin.

We hope these DIY homemade recipes help you get the flawless skin you have always wanted!


Stay Beautiful!