This Navratri / Durga Puja makeup look is nothing short of perfect!

With all the lights, glitter and glam around the Dandiya nights, we thought taking you guys through our favourite “ Navratri makeup look” would be the perfect idea!!! We like our Navratri makeup to be really simple yet have the perfect Indian touch. This festive makeup look is easily doable at home and our beauty expert, Lovely Samudrala, teaches us just how!


NOTE: Since it’s mostly going to be a night event that you’d prefer for a Navratri’s look, we’re going to stick by it and provide you all the necessary information.



We cannot stress more on how important it is to cleanse & moisturise your face first before applying any product onto it, you definitely have a hold on it already! Plus it’s going to be an evening set up girls which means all the tiredness since the morning is going to collect up for your night which can be avoided by the smoothening and lifting effect of this simple step.



Prep your face with a soothing primer because this will hold your make up till you dance your heart out and might still be there for you! C’mon, worth the step right?



Stick to a foundation tone matching your skin colour plus one tone less than your skin colour and mix them up while applying to ensure that the coverage is pretty much better than the usual and you don’t look pale or too bright under the festive lights. Use a stippling brush, a beauty blender or your bare fingers.



Conceal your under-eye areas if they’re dark or any discolorations on your skin to hide them away. Dot the concealer under your eyes and blend it using the tip of you ring finger or the pointed/ flat section of your beauty blender.

STEP 5  

Add blush to your cheeks. The good old trick is to smile and with light hands swatch your brush on your cheek bones. Next, Highlight the topmost part of your cheek bone right above the blush to glow like a goddess.



Stick to the most neutral colors possible (Shimmery light rose gold, light bronze, light peach) and add it to the upper eyelid stressing more on the inner corner. Add the color which is one shade darker in the outer corners and the crease to give it a subtle Smokey eye. Coat the eyelid with a glitter colour preferably lighter gold shades to give it a sparkly look.


STEP 7  

Pick a gold, bronze, copper eyeliner and add to the lower waterline. You could also choose a white eyeliner because this lifts up your eye even with the most neutral eye shadows applied.



Opt for a thin eyeliner and loads of mascara. You can even add false lashes!

Image source: Denitslava Makeup

Image source: Denitslava Makeup



 Fill those Instagram brows. Pick up brown or black tones to fill your eyebrows to give a dramatic and finished look for your eyes.

STEP 10 

Set. Take a fluffy brush and swipe through the translucent powder on your face, concentrating more on the sweat-oil-prone areas (mostly, the T-Zone) because that’s exactly what we want. Making our make-up sweat proof with minimal products. Go with the slightest product on the brush in order to not look cakey.


STEP 11 

FIFTY SHADES DARKER! *Gasp* We’re talking about how deep your lip color should be. What did your brain just imagine?

Image source: Denitslava Makeup

Image source: Denitslava Makeup


Well, we’d suggest you definitely choose MAC’s Ruby Woo lip shade (RED) but any lip brand that offers you the same richness in the colour works! Navratri makeup is incomplete without a popping red lipstick!



 To finish the Navratri Look, add a red  ‘Bindi’ on the centre of your forehead.

Image source:

Image source:


AND … there you are, you gorgeous lady ready for the Navratri night with a the perfect festive makeup look

Hope you guys liked it, we’d love to know how we did and would love it more if you could send us your pictures with this makeup look tried on! You could hashtag your pictures #NMMakeup ! Wish you all a ‘HAPPY NAVRATRI’.