Have a Virgo friend or Partner? Did you know these qualities about them?


Tis' the season of the Virgo! Our lifestyle expert, Mehak Thappar has identified certain traits about a Virgo that hold true for everyone! So if you are a virgo, or have a special someone as a virgo, You'll probably relate to them! 

Let's dive into some really interesting facts about a typical VIRGO:

1.  Virgos are die-hard romantics.

characteristics of the virgo zodiac


Loyal till they die?  They are among those few people who fall in love and then stick with their partners! They can plan the most romantic dates and gifts anyone could think of. LITERALLY!!


2. Virgos are not materialistic

 If you give them an expensive gift or a jar full of meaningful messages, they would any day pick  a jar full of messages. They find joy in the tiniest of things done with great affection. Any little gesture, like telling them how much they mean to you at an unexpected hour, would be more valuable to them as compared to the most expensive gift in the world. (Well not the most expensive gift maybe, jk)


3.  You did not piss off a Virgo! 

Virgo traits

 It takes a lot to piss off a Virgo, but when they are pissed off, they are on fire! When they are pissed off you seriously must have done something really..... well piss-able.

4.  Social but confined

When it comes to friends, they might be a part of a huge group but they consider and make only 2-3 people very close friends. Someone who is loyal to them and they can trust them with their secrets and someone who can handle them. The groups they are involved in are a glitter show.

5. Virgos juggle between worry and carefree

how is a virgo

Virgos worry about every small thing in life.  But at times, they could be as carefree as a child. Not allowing anything to get into their head one second and the other, they are fussing about everything.

6. VIRGOS feel emotions so deeply.


They feel everything so deeply, it’s hard! Because they feel so deeply, they love even more deeply.  They would go to any extent for the close ones and to help the ones they think need their help. 

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